Ancient cultural creations and blind boxes are sought after. How does the national tide show Chinese culture?

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China News Service, Beijing, May 31st (Reporter Zhang Xi) If you walk into a large shopping mall, visit a trendy store, and see an unprecedented sculpture at the door, how would you react?

Sun Yuanwen, founder and CEO of TOP TOY, has observed many young people. He said that most people will be surprised first, then take pictures with their mobile phones, share them with Moments or share with friends, and finally buy hands. Office or blind box.

Ancient cultural creations and blind boxes are sought after. How does the national tide show Chinese culture?

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Nowadays, the trendy play is moving from a niche to the masses, and the concept of the trendy play economy continues to extend.

Data shows that the size of China’s tide play economy market will reach 29.48 billion yuan in 2020, and it is expected to rise to 38.43 billion yuan in 2021. The rapidly rising trendy play industry has attracted many entrants. According to relevant data, there will be more than 250 newly registered enterprises in the trendy play industry in 2020.

From the frequent appearance of ancient cultural and creative circles, to the “blind box” of archaeology, the trend of creation with Chinese elements has become a mainstream trend, and the development of cultural and creative development around historical and cultural IP has been presented. Out of the blowout situation.

Immedia Consulting’s “2021 Guochao Economic Development Report” shows that Guochao’s economy is in its golden growth period. As its competitiveness increases, Guochao’s brand will gradually become global in the next 5-10 years. Build a competitive advantage. The rise of the national tide and the rise of young people’s enthusiasm for the national tide are constantly opening up the imagination of the deep collision between Chinese culture and new trend elements.

Recently, Sun Yuanwen deeply interpreted the potential and prospects of China’s local trendy track at the 2021 China Trendy Play Summit Forum. In his opinion, more and more users are paying for their own happiness and paying for their love.

He shared a short story at the scene: They are also One Piece. Some consumers started buying a figure for one or two hundred yuan and turned into a statue for fifty or sixty thousand yuan. The growth history and path of normal users.

Ancient cultural creations and blind boxes are sought after. How does the national tide show Chinese culture?(1)

But with the high-speed market The development trend is not proportional to the fact that the trendy play industry is still in its immature stage of development.

Sun Yuanwen believes that “national tide” is not a simple patchwork of category + style + national style elements, it should have more in-depth connotations. “Not only derive nourishment from traditional culture, but also pay more attention to the current status of Chinese society, presenting a broader, diverse and innovative Chinese culture in terms of graphic design, cultural background, and lifestyle.”

According to Sun Yuanwen Introduced, TOP TOY has established a professional designer team, signed nearly two hundred independent designers, focused on IP original research and development and cooperation, and will support more original designers in the future.

Relying on a strong original team, TOP TOY will not only cooperate with cultural and creative IP, but also carry out original design and secondary creation. Combining the characteristics of the city, it will dig deeper into more regional cultural content and gather Strive to create a phenomenon-level IP, and rely on culture to shine.