Biden abolishes Trump-era immigration regulations and cancels medical insurance requirements for visa applications

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Chinanews.com, May 15th, according to the US Chinese website, on the 14th, US President Biden revoked an immigration order signed by former President Trump in 2019, which prohibits the inability to prove that he has the ability to obtain Or immigrants who pay for medical insurance get a visa.

Biden abolishes Trump-era immigration regulations and cancels medical insurance requirements for visa applications


p > Data map: US President Biden signs an executive order in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington.

This Trump order requires visa applicants to confirm that they have insurance or have the ability to pay “reasonably foreseeable medical expenses” within 30 days before entering the United States. The order includes some exceptions, such as children of refugees and U.S. citizens.

Biden stated that the order “will not promote the interests of the United States.”

“This government is committed to expanding people’s access to high-quality, affordable medical insurance.” Biden said. “We can achieve this goal without banning the entry of non-citizens who seek legal immigration to this country but lack the financial means or have not yet purchased a limited medical insurance plan.”

Biden ordered the State Department and the Ministry of Health. And the leaders of the Department of Homeland Security “review any regulations, orders, guidance documents, policies, and any other similar agency actions formulated in accordance with the 2019 announcement” and issued revised guidelines.

Biden has been under pressure to cancel Trump’s immigration policy. After taking office, Biden signed several executive orders to maintain the Obama-era “Dream Chaser” program and abolish Trump’s travel ban on multiple countries.

Biden proposed an immigration reform plan, but still focused on infrastructure and family conservation plans. Members of Congress have also proposed similar immigration bills, but so far no major progress has been made on any immigration bill. Democrats and Republicans have huge differences on immigration issues.

In addition, the White House statement shows that in addition to administrative orders related to immigration restrictions, there are six administrative orders that have been revoked this time, all of which were issued during the Trump administration.