Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?

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Chinanews client, Beijing, May 8th (Reporter Ren Siyu) Has the music festival, which is popular with young people, ushered in a big explosion?

On May 6, Damai released the “2021 May 1st Performance Observation”. The report showed that during the May 1st holiday, there were more than 3,800 offline professional performances, including Livehouse, talk show, and music festival. Compared with the same period in 2019, the box office increased by more than 250%.

On social networks, “Qin Hao watched Yi Nengjing’s performance”, “Faye Wong lost his hat again at the Strawberry Music Festival”, and “Shandong a men’s music festival wearing protective clothing and dancing” and other topics successively On the hot search list, the music festival, which was originally regarded as a niche entertainment activity, has begun to become one of the lifestyles that everyone loves to hear.

Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?

The music festival is a holiday” New standard configuration”

According to the monitoring of the China Performance Industry Association, during the May 1st holiday this year, there were about 14,000 performances nationwide, the box office revenue of the performances was 860 million yuan, and the number of performances during the holiday exceeded 6 million. The number of visitors to the tourism performing arts accounted for more than 40% of the total, and the number of visitors to music festivals and concerts accounted for 12% of the total.

From last year’s “November” holiday to this year’s “May 1st” holiday, music festivals have become more and more popular items for people to travel and entertain.

Data shows that over 40% of users choose music festivals as their first choice for vacation and leisure during the “May Day” holiday this year, and 60% of users who buy music festivals choose to watch performances across cities. Strawberry Music Festival, Midi Music Festival, Guochao Music Festival, and Midou Music Festival are singing in many places. Cui Jian, Pu Shu, Xu Wei, Xin Pants, Ai Yang, Wang Jiaer and other well-known musicians and bands are participating guests Of the list.

Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?(1)

The fans are busy While the festival is “rushing”, the musicians are even more busy with “clone”. According to the Wutiaoren band’s public itinerary, they moved to Changzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing to participate in the festival within four days. “Performance is our labor.” , They sighed on Weibo.

Barley data shows that there are 56 music festivals nationwide during the five-day holiday, which is an increase of 37% over the same period in 2019. Box office and attendance have increased by 252% and 173% respectively year-on-year.

Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?(2)

Overall, vacation During the period, there was a strong recovery in live performances. The supply of various performances such as music, theater, and quyuan miscellaneous talks was abundant, the box office grew rapidly, and the consumption power of head items was strong; the trend of cultural belt travel gradually became a trend, and the preference of regional consumption gradually broke; market consumption The structure tends to be younger, especially the consumption power of post-00s has increased significantly.

Can you watch the music festival at your doorstep?

Another new change that can be found from this year’s “May 1st” holiday is that the festival is opening up “new territories” on a large scale.

Compared with 2019 and 2020, this year’s music festivals are blooming everywhere. Major brand music festivals are not only concentrated in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, but also to Binzhou in Shandong, Changzhou in Jiangsu, Jiaozuo in Henan, and Wanning in Hainan. Wait for the sinking of second- and third-tier cities.

Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?(3)

From an industry perspective The number of vertical music festivals is also increasing. For example, Hunan Changsha YOLO Music Festival and Hainan Wanning Riyue Bay M_DSK Music Festival focus on rap music, Chengdu Warring States Midi Music Festival focuses on heavy music, and Hainan Little Strawberry Parent-Child Music Festival focuses on Parent-child theme provides users with different music preferences with a selection of music performances in sub-categories.

Another noteworthy phenomenon is that music festivals are becoming a “hard sign” for some cities to build cultural tourism brands and channel traffic for holidays. Barley data shows that during the “May 1st” long holiday, many music festivals landed in tourist cities, such as Changzhou Taihu Bay Music Festival, Changzhou Xinlong Forest Music Festival, Wanning Riyue Bay M_DSK Music Festival, Jiaozuo Yuntai Mountain Music Festival, etc. .

For example, the Shandong Jinan Midi Music Festival and Binzhou Midi Music Festival, which were popular during the “May 1st” period this year, are backed by strong support from the local government in terms of policies and supporting services.

According to media reports, before the Binzhou Midi Music Festival began, the local area completed the planning of more than 280 acres of ground leveling, 18,000 square meters of turf paving, and more than 7,000 parking spaces in the early stage of the music festival in just more than 20 days. , The construction of more than 3,000 meters of fences, the construction of more than 140 toilets and the preparatory construction of various functional areas such as camping and drinking water areas; and in order to cooperate with the Jinan Midi Music Festival, Jinan Metro will also operate lines 1, 2, and 3 Extend to 24 o’clock, and adjust the driving interval to 10 minutes between 22 o’clock and 24 o’clock.

Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?(4)

2021 Jinan Midi Music Festival, Binzhou Midi Music Festival poster.

The consumption drainage brought by the music festival is also considerable. According to statistics from the organizer, the Jinan Midi Music Festival’s music fans from outside the province account for about 65%. A rough estimate is that cultural and travel-related consumption during the local holidays will increase by about 20%. According to data from Barley, during the May 1st holiday this year, the Hainan Wanning Riyue Bay M_DSK Music Festival also made Wanning a county-level city among the top ten in the country.

What kind of music festival does the audience need?

But with the music festivals blooming everywhere and the ticket price skyrocketing, is the audience experience fully satisfied?

From last year’s National Day to this year’s May Day holiday, the topic of rising music festival ticket prices was often mentioned by people. In the impression of some audiences, the single-day ticket price of music festivals in the past few years has often been concentrated at 80 to 200 yuan, but during this year’s small and long holidays, single-day tickets for individual music festivals have reached 500 yuan or even more than 1,000 yuan.

Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?(5)

As for the festival price increase According to industry analysts, on the one hand, the number of tickets sold under the epidemic prevention and control policy is limited, on the other hand, the production costs in various aspects are getting higher and higher, especially the appearance fees of some artists. In recent years, they have been in bands and rap variety shows. Under the blessing of the music festival, the value of some musicians has risen sharply. In addition, pop singers with their own popularity and fans have joined, which not only increases the popularity of the festival but also increases the ticket price.

Despite the unabated enthusiasm for consumption at the music festival, the audience has higher requirements for on-site service and performance experience.

Affected by the global epidemic, the homogeneity of the music festival lineup has become more and more obvious. In the absence of overseas artists, head musicians such as new pants, admiration, the right to reshape statues, and Gojo are performing in various places, and most of the audiences at the music festival see old acquaintances rather than fresh faces. How about Playing new tricks on the lineup and collocation of the music festival is one of the issues that the organizer needs to consider.

Music festivals are usually held outdoors, so in addition to the performance lineup, on-site acoustics, security, transportation, accommodation, water supply and toilets are also issues that the audience are very concerned about. There is always some music every year. After the festival was over, it was met with large-scale complaints from netizens, and the experience of the music festival strongly affected everyone’s impression of a city.

What kind of festival do music fans like? The Spring Outing Music Festival held in Sichuan in April this year has won a good reputation. Although the scale is not huge, the atmosphere is relaxed enough. The audience can eat hot pot, play mahjong, and set up tents. On-site security is not a fierce confrontation with fans, but As young people dance and sing together, feel the joy of music together.

Box office increased by 252%! Has the music festival ushered in a big explosion?(6)

With offline performance With the market’s recovery, it is foreseeable that there will be more and more music festivals in the future. While the competition is becoming more and more fierce, the organizers should start from the needs of the audience and use more complete supporting services. Fans fully felt the spiritual satisfaction of the festival. (End)