Breaking away is the highest level of self-discipline

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=081618c425bd7d48af59bfa53d5162c5 - Breaking away is the highest level of self-disciplineIf you don’t love the past, the future won’t welcome, and the present is not messy.

In life, everyone’s life is nothing more than gaining while losing.

Getting does not mean happiness, and losing does not mean pain.

Just as the poet Zheng Banqiao once said:”Delete the complex to simplify the three autumn trees, receive the different standard new February flowers“.

The higher the level of people, the more they know how to get rid of the complexity and simplify, know what to abandon, and what to cut off.

In the second half of life, learning to leave is the top level of self-discipline.

If there is nothing you can do, then break it when you break it.

As the saying goes:”Do everything you do and listen to the destiny.”

No matter how much effort and effort you put into some things, it will eventually be nothing.

Rather than entangled in all sorts of ways and painful, it is better to break and break.

You must know that in this world, life and death are all trivial matters. You don’t have to be overly nostalgic, and you don’t have to consume yourself.

Sometimes, giving up is not cowardice and incompetence, but a free and easy way to create a bright future.

Disconnect, let go, to make room for yourself to better embrace tomorrow.

As the writer Voltaire once said:“It’s not the mountains in the distance that make people tired, but A piece of sand in the shoe.”

In life, we will not be knocked down by problems, but we will be tortured by trivial things.

Those small and trivial things will slowly consume a person’s mentality.

Being alive, in the face of powerlessness, give up decisively, and turn a corner into a sunny day.

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Hit Those who have missed the chance should be home Zeshe

An old saying goes:”One flower, one world, one thought and one fate.”

Between people, one fate determines everything.

Those who are destined, meet sooner or later, and accompany each other; those who are not destined, pass by, Like a stranger.

In ancient times, a student was taken by his fianceabandon, he is depressed and unhappy since then he can’t afford to get sick.

One day, a wandering monk passed by and showed a mirror in front of him.

I saw a naked female corpse in the mirror, lying on the beach after being victimized.

The first person who passed by glanced at her and walked straight by, the second person who passed by put on her clothes, and the third person carefully buried her.

The woman’s face appeared in the mirror. It was the scholar’s ​​fiancée. The woman fell in love with him in this life in order to pay back Grace.

But the person who wants to reciprocate for the rest of my life is the third man, who is also her current husband.

In life, there are certain conditions that cannot be forced; some people cannot be forced to stay .

Instead of suffering, it is better to let go. Those who truly belong to you will never leave.

On the road of life, everything will follow the predestined conditions. When facing those who are not destined, you should give up when you are not destined. If there is no destiny here, there must be a good person elsewhere.

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I’m annoyed obsession, when Li Zeli

Song dynasty monk Wumen HuikaiZen Master

Song dynasty monk Wumen HuikaiZen Master

span> once said:”If there is nothing to worry about, it is a good time in the world.”

A person who can be open-minded, put aside worries and distracting thoughts, everything in the world will become beautiful. stand up.

There are many unsatisfactory things in life, nine out of ten, the irritability and obsession in the heart.

If you can’t let go, naturally you can’t get rid of it.

There is such a story:

The little monk and the Zen master were out, and saw a cow spinning around. He wanted to eat the grass next to him but couldn’t eat it.

But the cow is not tied to the rope, the little monk can’t help but feel puzzled .

Seeing the doubts in the little monk’s mind, the Zen master said:”Just because the rope in my heart is not broken.”

The cow, who is often tied to the tree, still thinks he is on his body this time. The shackles are still there, and he refuses to take a half step.

Actually, how can people be? Very often, I am constrained by rope, making it impossible to move forward.

And this rope, some fame and fortune, some money, some entanglement Emotions.

These ropes bring endless troubles and Sorrow, if you want to regain a new life, you can only cut the rope in your heart.

In this life, people will be freed from obsessions and desires when they are separated.

Zeng GuofanSaid:”The past is not in love, the future is not welcome, and the present is not messy.”

On the way of life, only by learning to let go can we have more; only by knowing how to give up can we be better get.

The person who knows how to let go, the richer; the person who knows how to give up, the more blessed.

For the rest of your life, some people or things in your life, love or predestined relationship, will be broken when they are broken, and when they are surrendered, and when they are separated, they will be separated. Don’t let yourself waste your life in hesitation and regret.

Separation is a good medicine in everyone’s life.

If you learn to leave, you will have the highest level of self-discipline and the best way of living for the rest of your life!

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