Canada suspends the first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccines just received

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Canada suspends the use of the first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccines it has just received

China News Service, Toronto, May 1st (Reporter Yu Ruidong) Due to the discovery of hidden vaccine quality problems, the Canadian government decided to The first batch of Johnson & Johnson’s new crown vaccine just received has been suspended.

Canada suspends the first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccines just received


p >The Canadian Ministry of Health said on April 30 that it has learned that a drug substance produced by a pharmaceutical factory of the American emerging biotechnology company in Baltimore, Maryland, was used in the first batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccine received by Canada on April 28. The drug substance is the active ingredient required for the manufacture of vaccines.

Previously, the US media disclosed at the end of March that the factory mistakenly mixed the raw materials of AstraZeneca vaccine with Johnson & Johnson vaccine, resulting in 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine being contaminated and forced to be destroyed. At present, the US Food and Drug Administration has ordered the plant to stop the production of Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The Canadian Ministry of Health stated that all vaccines imported by the country must meet the standards of quality, safety and efficacy before they are allowed to be distributed and used. Canadian Founder is cooperating with Johnson & Johnson and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to obtain the complete information needed for the evaluation.

The Canadian Ministry of Health also stated that it still believes that the 1.5 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine produced by the plant and imported into Canada meet the quality requirements.

In early March, the Canadian government approved the new crown vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson. This is also the first single-dose new crown vaccine approved for marketing in Canada. In addition, the country has currently approved three vaccines from Pfizer, Modena and AstraZeneca. Canada received its first batch of 300,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 28.

As of the evening of April 30, the cumulative number of reported cases in Canada has exceeded 1.2 million, or about 1.2194 million; about 1.1119 million cases have recovered, 24,219 deaths, and 83,319 active cases. The country has received about 13.42 million doses of vaccine; about 1.013 million people completed two doses, accounting for 2.66% of the total population. (End)