Comment: Tribute to the ordinary and great “Angel in White”

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[CCTV Quick Review] Tribute to the ordinary and great “Angel in White”

Today, the 110th International Nurses Day comes as scheduled. While the epidemic is still spreading around the world, “Mobile China” has returned to its former vitality. Medical workers, including nurses, are indispensable.

Comment: Tribute to the ordinary and great “Angel in White”

Looking back on this In the arduous fight against the “epidemic”, the vast number of nurses did not hesitate and went retrograde. They carried on the armour in white clothes and lived up to the heavy trust. They went to their mission with their lives and cared for the common people. They became the “main force” fighting the epidemic on the front line and created extraordinary with ordinary bodies. Merit. As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, the majority of nurses have made important contributions to winning the fight against the epidemic in China and ensuring the safety and health of people in all countries. We want to pay tribute to the ordinary and great “white angels”!

Three points of treatment, seven points of care. Nursing work is an important part of health care and involves the entire life cycle and health process of the broad masses of people. The team of nurses is the backbone of the health front, and plays an irreplaceable role in protecting people’s lives, health and safety, and enhancing the health and well-being of the entire people. In recent years, under the guidance of the concept of general health and general health, my country’s nursing career has ushered in a good opportunity for development. The total number of nurses has reached 4.45 million. The nurse team has continued to grow and nursing work has achieved vigorous development. Looking forward to the future, on the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, there are broad opportunities and promising opportunities for the development of nursing care.

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Realize new development , Need new things. At present, the gap in the nurse team still needs to be filled urgently, and the issues of treatment and development are still realistic problems. Party committees and governments at all levels must earnestly assume their responsibilities, work hard to eliminate the shortcomings of the system and mechanism, and accelerate the filling of the employment gap; it is necessary to effectively improve the remuneration of the nurses so that the contribution is proportional to the gain, implement the welfare and care measures of the nurses, and continuously improve the nurses. The sense of gain, satisfaction and security of the nurses should be reasonably planned, and the nurses’ skills training should be done well, so as to open up career advancement channels and make nurses an attractive career.

Caring for nurses, we must let the meaning of festivals permeate daily life, and be reflected in every interaction with nurses, enhance understanding of nurses’ profession, respect nurses’ labor achievements, and create care and love in the whole society The strong atmosphere of nurses, respect and support nurses forms a virtuous circle of “social care of nurses and nurses helping others”.

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Don’t forget your original intention , “Nightingale’s lamp” can always be bright. The majority of nurses must keep in mind the teachings of General Secretary Xi Jinping, take on the mission of saving the dead, uphold the fine tradition, carry forward the humanitarian spirit, and wholeheartedly assist the doctors in the diagnosis and treatment, and seek the welfare of the sick. In line with the service tenet of “patient-centered and quality-centered”, we must continuously improve nursing technology, maintain a rigorous style at all times, do our best to treat patients with love, patience, care and responsibility, practice respect for life, save lives, heal the wound, and be willing The noble spirit of dedication and boundless love has made new and greater contributions to the realization of a healthy China and the construction of a human health community!