Community cluster infection outbreak in Bangkok, Thailand, prime minister in charge of war

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China News Service, Bangkok, May 4 (Reporter Wang Guoan) The epidemic situation in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is getting worse. Thailand’s New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Management Center spokesperson Tawisit said on the 4th that Prime Minister Prayut has ordered a special command and dispatch center to be set up in the Greater Bangkok area to fight the epidemic, and he will personally lead it.

Bangkok is the most severely affected area in Thailand in the new round of epidemics. Recently, there have been more outbreaks of community cluster infections in the city. Among them, there was an outbreak of community infection of more than 300 people in the Khonthi District, where the largest fresh food wholesale market in Bangkok is located. Due to the high population density of the district, especially the dense housing and poor ventilation in the slum residential areas, people from all walks of life are worried that the new crown virus may be even greater. The spread of scale.

Community cluster infection outbreak in Bangkok, Thailand, prime minister in charge of war


p >In addition, community cluster infections were also found in Dusit District, Bangkok, with 80 confirmed cases. Tawi said that the number of infections here began to surge after the Songkran holiday in April.

In order to control the epidemic, Thai Prime Minister Prayut has ordered the emergency distribution of the new crown vaccine to speed up the vaccination of the people in the air-lifting area. Asayun, the mayor of Bangkok City, said that two vaccination points have been opened to vaccinate community residents in the Kongdi District from the 4th to the 19th of this month. At the same time, they will step up the new crown virus detection work in the district. About 1,000 people are tested every day.

In view of the fact that large-scale cluster infections in the Khitti area may make Bangkok’s already tense public medical resources even more overwhelmed, according to Prayut’s instructions, the Thai Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health and the Port Authority negotiated Use a facility of the Port Authority to build a shelter hospital. A spokesperson for the Thai Ministry of Defense said that the shelter hospital is mainly used to treat patients in the airlift area. (End)