“Completely, completely, completely incorrect”! U.S. politicians use Fauci to attack China, Fauci rebuts

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China News Service, May 13th. As the number of confirmed cases of the new crown in the United States exceeded 32.8 million, and the death toll exceeded 580,000, some American politicians once again “wrapped the pot” of infectious disease scientists and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. (NIAID) Director Fauci asked him to be “responsible for the epidemic.” In order to launch the offensive, they got involved in the China issue and made absurd remarks, which Fauci retorted on the spot.

“Completely, completely, completely incorrect”! U.S. politicians use Fauci to attack China, Fauci rebuts

According to the U.S. “Capitol Hill” report, recently, at a hearing on the response to the epidemic, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul pointed the finger at Fauci’s institution, and the two sides have funded the Wuhan virus in China. There was a fierce confrontation about the research institute.

At the hearing, Paul claimed that the National Institutes of Health (NIH, NIAID is its affiliate) has been providing funds to the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Paul also claimed that the virus laboratory in Wuhan, China, has carried out research “to create a super virus that can infect human cells”, and hinted that the new coronavirus was “introduced into the outside world because of a laboratory accident.”

Faced with Paul’s unreasonable accusation, Fauci strongly opposed it, retorting that it was “completely, completely, and completely incorrect.” It has been repeatedly emphasized, which shows that this anti-epidemic “heritor” who should have been respected by all walks of life in the American society. , What is your mood when facing slander.

Fauci repeatedly reiterated that the National Institutes of Health did provide funding for the Wuhan laboratory project in China, but the project is not aimed at the “function acquisition” research of the so-called “man-made super virus”.

According to the US media, the so-called “function gain” is a “controversial form of research” that involves increasing the infectiousness and lethality of pathogens. Fauci has advocated this research in the past. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that Paul and other politicians think they have grasped Fauci’s “handle”, and then they can take advantage of the topic.

According to public information, the “Ecological Health Alliance”, an American research institution engaged in the spread of coronavirus, is cooperating with Chinese scientific research institutions as the SARS virus (SARS) that is raging in many countries. The virus has nothing to do with it.

In April 2020, when the U.S. epidemic was severe and anti-epidemic measures were being questioned, the U.S. government suddenly suspended funding for the “Ecological Health Alliance”. In response, 77 American Nobel Prize winners jointly issued an open letter in protest. Dazzak, an American zoologist and head of the “Ecological Health Alliance”, pointed out that politicizing science will come at the cost of “life”.

What’s more, WHO experts have already questioned similar slurs against China. From January 14 to February 10, 2021, 17 Chinese experts and 17 foreign experts formed a joint expert group to carry out a 28-day global traceability study in Wuhan. On March 30, the WHO officially released the China-WHO Joint Research Report on the Traceability of the New Coronavirus. The report believes that the new coronavirus is “extremely unlikely” to pass through the laboratory.

After visiting the Wuhan Virus Laboratory in China, Dedekov, a member of the WHO expert team and deputy director of the Pasteur Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, also said that China’s laboratory equipment is excellent, “I can hardly imagine What will leak from here”.

“Completely, completely, completely incorrect”! U.S. politicians use Fauci to attack China, Fauci rebuts(1)


p >In fact, it is not the first time that American politicians have put pressure on Fauci to “pour dirty water” on Fauci in order to pass on the pressure of public opinion on the ineffective fight against the epidemic. In the past, the Trump administration often ignored the professional medical advice put forward by Fauci and others. Some officials even disrespect scientific knowledge and laws and publicly slandered scientists, saying that CDC experts “incited rebellion.”

Now, one year later, even though the United States has launched vaccination, the epidemic has not slowed down. Some politicians have used “old routines” again in an attempt to divert the public’s attention.

The US “Washington Post” pointed out that Republicans have been accusing Fauci of “prescriptions” to alleviate the epidemic, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. In the past week, they found a new “excus” that Fauci was “personally responsible” for the emergence of the new crown virus.

For this round of fierce confrontation between Fauci and Paul, some netizens pointed out that Paul is the one who should be attacked because he “spreads a virus in the Senate.”

Some netizens commented that politicians “do not think clearly in order to solve problems and find answers. They are just fanning the flames and trying to blame others. There is always an enemy in order to launch an offense. .” (End)