Criminal Investigation Policewoman Cai Yun: Deciphering the Truth in the Fingerprint “Maze”

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China News Service, Fuzhou, May 7th (Lin Ling, Zeng Luqi) At 3 o’clock in the morning, Cai Yun’s cell phone rang.

“Cai Yun, there has been a homicide here. We collected fingerprints on the spot, and we need you to compare fingerprints.”

“Okay, I will come right away.”


After hanging up, Cai Yun ignored his sleeping family members, and quickly got ready to go out, plunged into the dark night.

This is the daily scene of Cai Yun, a member of the Criminal Science and Technology Division of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, Cangshan Branch of the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, and a microcosm of the work of all criminal investigation technical policemen.

Looking for evidence to solve the case from clues

Speaking of criminal police, many people have seen their “tough image” of arresting criminals at the scene, but in the process of successfully solving the case by the police , Inseparable from the technical police like Cai Yun, who are looking for the truth.

“There are many traces left at the crime scene, and fingerprints are one of the’weapons’ used by technical police officers to decipher the truth.” Cai Yun told reporters that if you want to make good use of this “weapon”, you need Full endurance and eyesight.

The reporter learned that if you want to compare a fingerprint, you must first perform the first round of comparison in the fingerprint database through the computer system. After screening by the system, there will still be about 100 to 200 fingerprints with high similarity. At this time, Cai Yun needs to conduct manual comparisons one by one.

In order to successfully compare a fingerprint, Cai Yun often sits in front of the computer for several hours and stares at the black and white fingerprint pictures on the screen. These fingerprints are basically curved, blurred, and deformed. Fingerprints and palm prints.

Criminal Investigation Policewoman Cai Yun: Deciphering the Truth in the Fingerprint “Maze”


p > Cai Yun is comparing traces. Photo by Li Nanxuan

After the fingerprint image is enlarged, the screen is full of swirling patterns, which makes people feel dizzy. The only color is the characteristic points that are as small as rice grains. When the eyes are sore and the brain is swollen, Cai Yun will drop a drop of eye drops to continue the comparison. “By comparing fingerprints earlier, we can find out the truth sooner.”

With this sense of responsibility against criminals, he has worked in criminal investigation technology positions for 25 years. Cai Yun has used a fingerprint to crack a 14-year backlog. Murder. She directly participated in the identification of more than 900 criminal suspects and issued more than 400 trace inspection certificates, which provided strong evidence support for solving the case with zero confession.

“Although this job is very hard and boring, I think it is worth it. Especially when the evidence I provide can bring the suspect to justice.” Today, Cai Yun is still It is full of enthusiasm: “For me, fighting crime and advancing justice is the sense of accomplishment in my work.”

The courage to punish the criminals and pursue evil comes from the original intention

Surprisingly, Cai Yun, who looked quiet and elegant, applied to join the criminal police team on his own initiative. Before becoming a technical police officer, she even worked as a criminal police squad.

“I still remember the first murder case I came into contact with in the crime team. It was a highly decomposed corpse.” When it came to this matter, Cai Yun’s expression was very indifferent, and he was slightly surprised with the reporter. There is a clear contrast between his expressions.

Take the initiative to join the criminal police team, face the murder case without showing timidity, and do everything possible to punish the murderer… Cai Yun has the courage that ordinary girls do not have, and this courage comes from her original intention—— Become a policeman who protects people’s safety.

“When I was a child, I was attracted by the image of a courageous and fearless criminal policeman in TV dramas, so my dream is to become a criminal policeman.” Cai Yun smiled, “For 25 years, I still love this position. ”

In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of the construction of the rule of law in China, the role of criminal science and technology in leading the direction of case investigation has become more and more significant.

Cai Yun understands that his responsibilities will become more important. In response to this, Cai Yun kept updating his “reserve” and learning the latest criminal investigation techniques, and would never let the phenomenon of “one foot high and evil one foot high” happen.

Now, 48-year-old Cai Yun is already the second-level supervisor of police technology and a senior engineer. She has won the third-class merit once and won four personal awards. In 2019, she was named the “Fuzhou Good Man” of the year, the “Fuzhou Police Star” in the third quarter, and was awarded the “Cangshan District Dedication and Moral Model” and other titles.

Cai Yun, who was once rated as the “Provincial Inspection and Appraisal Expert”, also has a very prestigious nickname-“Trace Catcher”. While doing his job well, this “catcher” has not forgotten to pass on his beliefs and fingerprint matching skills to his “apprentices”.

“Justice will never be absent. We will always guard’everyone’.” Once the interview was over, Cai Yun sat back in the small computer chair and continued his fingerprint identification work. Those black and white pictures reflected in her eyes, reflecting her love and dedication to technical investigation work. (End)