Dialogue with the world: international photographers “show Jiangsu” with more than 3000 photos

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Chinanews.com, Nanjing, May 16th (Xu Shanshan) What kind of expression can let the world see the picture of Jiangsu in the new era? After three years of continuous shooting, what kind of Jiangsu story does more than 3,000 photos tell? On the 16th, the “SHOW JIANGSU well-off and great beauty” three-year international photography review exhibition opened, and some carefully selected photographic works were exhibited at the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum.

From the “Splash of Steel Splashing” Tiangong International to the “Science and Technology Innovation” Kangyuan Pharmaceutical; from the “White Salt Wins Snow” to the shore of the Yellow Sea to the “Fruit Harvest” foothills; from the world From the “Deer and Crane in Spring” to the “Small Bridge and Flowing Water” in the ancient town of the canal; from the “Morning Water in Yangzhou” morning tea to the “One of the Zhenjiang Three Monsters” Hengshun balsamic vinegar… The retrospective passed the “Economy Strong” The four chapters of “people’s prosperity”, “environmental beauty” and “high social civilization” show that Jiangsu has effectively fulfilled the major mission of “striving to be an example, striving to be a demonstration, and being in the forefront.” Chapter.

Photographer representative Aleksandar Plavevski said at the opening exhibition: “In the past three years, every time I participate in SHOW JIANGSU activities, I can see a different Jiangsu. I have also worked hard to record the development and changes in Jiangsu. Fortunately, some of these photos appeared in the mainstream international media, which made the whole world realize Jiangsu in the new era and brought the beautiful Jiangsu to the world.”

Dialogue with the world: international photographers “show Jiangsu” with more than 3000 photos

On the 16th, “SHOW JIANGSU Xiaokang Damei” three-year international The photo review exhibition opens. Photo by Lu Runqing

The “SHOW JIANGSU” foreign media photography event is an important brand event for Jiangsu’s external promotion. It is jointly planned by the Information Office of the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and the News Information Center of Xinhua News Agency. Beginning in 2018, the event will focus on themes such as “40 years of Ambilight”, “70 years of light and shadow”, and “well-off and great beauty”.

In the past three years, from AFP, Euronews, Kyodo News, Getty Images, Magnum Photos, Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, More than 30 international mainstream media photojournalists and well-known photographers, including NHK TV Station, walked into Jiangsu and took more than 3,000 photos to freeze the beauty of Jiangsu, and use Jiangsu practices, Jiangsu stories, and Jiangsu culture to vividly spread Chinese stories and shape China’s image.

Shen, a 70-year-old fisherman on Lake Shaobo, sprinkled fishing nets on the lake surface, forming a beautiful landscape. Photographer Aleksandar captured this moment. This picture was captured by the British “Guardian” and “Economy.” It was adopted by mainstream media such as “Student” and was named the best picture of the week by the British “Guardian”. The Wufengshan Yangtze River Bridge, the integrated power station of “Scenic and Fishing” and the Tiaozi mud wetland recorded by the lens of the photography group have been reprinted by many mainstream international media such as the Wall Street Journal and the Daily News.

In the retrospective exhibition, a series of photographic works under the lens of international photographers showed the pulse and temperature of Jiangsu’s high-quality development. These photographic works have been disseminated through mainstream international news agencies such as Agence France-Presse, Euronews Agency, Kyodo News, and more than 600 overseas mainstream media platforms, with a global audience of nearly 200 million.

Yang Liqun, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and director of the Provincial Government Information Office, said that this exhibition, from the perspective of international mainstream media photojournalists and well-known photographers, showcases the “World’s Jiangsu” and the “One Belt One Road” initiative. The construction of the meeting point is the overall plan to build an industrial technology innovation center with global influence, an advanced manufacturing base with international competitiveness, and a two-way open hub with world cohesion, and promote the active actions of all-round high-level opening up. (End)