Diverse types of Chinese movies open a new stage of schedule

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Diversified types of Chinese movies open a new stage of schedule

Diverse types of Chinese movies open a new stage of schedule

Diverse types of Chinese movies open a new stage of schedule

■The newspaper’s chief reporter Wang Yan


p > There is no Hollywood superhero movie, nor does it rely on high-input special effects blockbusters. In 2021, the May 1st stage, diversified types of small and medium cost domestic films opened a new schedule. According to the data of the Beacon Professional Edition, the total box office of the three days before the holiday was about 1.2 billion yuan, and the box office of four new domestic films exceeded 100 million yuan.

The first place in the schedule is the romance movie “Your Wedding”, with a box office of 391 million yuan in three days; Zhang Yimou’s first spy war film “Above the Cliff” followed closely with 324 million yuan in three days , And came from behind in terms of single-day box office data. In the second tier, the suspense story “Secret Visitor” directed by Chen Zhengdao earned 160 million yuan; the crime action film “Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon” starring Louis Koo and Leung Ka Fai proved the stable audience of Hong Kong movies with 121 million yuan. Based on real cases of the special fight against gangsters and evil, “Sweeping Darkness·Decisive Battle”, the cartoon “Pig Man Movie·Dinosaur Diary”, and the comedy movie “Sunshine Robbers” all occupy a place in the market. These domestic films are of different types and have a multi-dimensional audience, which can basically meet the audience’s segmentation needs.

It is worth mentioning that since 2016, this is the first time that the Chinese film market has no imported films. 2016 “Fantasy Forest”, 2017 “Fast and Furious 8”, 2018 “Raging Behemoth”, “Number One Player”, and 2019 “Avengers 4” were all important ticket warehouse movies and even head movies of that year. . Especially in 2019, Marvel’s superheroes dominated the May Day holiday and took up 80% of the market. The final result of the 51st gear this year is entirely up to the domestic film.

At the same time, there are no super special effects blockbusters, which also means that all works are in the “content” competition track. Since its debut on the first day, “Above the Cliff” has a significant advantage in word of mouth. The film is set in Harbin in the 1930s and uses the experience of a group of Chinese Communist Party agents to pay tribute to the unsung heroes who gave up their lives for Dawn. Without the espionage technology and the dazzling skills of the film’s form, the film leaves the rich colors to the “people”. The interpretation of powerful actors such as Yu Hewei, Zhang Yi, Qin Hailu, Ni Dahong, Zhu Yawen, Yu Ailei made this “last bullet for myself” story truly moving. In the past few days, whether it is Zhang Yi’s tribute to the unsung heroes of the CCP’s hidden front that he performed, or the performance clips of many actors such as Yu Hewei, which have frequently appeared in hot searches, they have confirmed that young audiences are impressed by the “people” in the film. As Qin Hailu said: “The communist agents we perform this time are not decathlon’gods’, but ordinary people of flesh and blood, who made extraordinary choices just for the dawn of dawn.”

“Your Wedding” and “Secret Visitor” have their own audiences. Romance movies are a frequent visitor to the 51st file. The youthful sentiment of “not to be in love” in “Your Wedding” can always move people in love. “Secret Visitor” is the final chapter of Chen Zhengdao’s “Suspense Trilogy”. Unlike the previous two works, which are more logical and “brain-burning”, the new work does not challenge the audience’s reasoning skills, but rather stretches to the heart and tells a story. Stories that happened in special families, from the perspectives of different family members, pieced together different dimensions of emotional truth.

For the second half of the schedule, industry insiders pointed out that returning to the essence of content, who can tell a story in a down-to-earth manner, which movie can continue to exert strength, and is expected to open up new growth points for the schedule.