“Everyday Upward” “Check in” Sanxingdui Museum Wang Yibo screamed “Archaeology is too cool”

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China News Service, Chengdu, May 17 (Tang Qian) Hunan Satellite TV’s “Everyday Upward” column team came to Sanxingdui Museum on the 17th to record. “Everyday Brothers” Wang Han, Qian Feng, Da Zhangwei, Wang Yibo, and the flying guest Zheng Yunlong gathered in Chengdu to record the finale of the “Our Motherland is a Garden” series “The Adventures of Sanxingdui”.

“As the domestic epidemic situation is steadily improving, we want to navigate the beautiful scenery for a broad audience, so we planned the’Our Motherland is a Garden’ series to show the greatness of China through a relaxed and interesting variety show. The mountains and rivers are far and wide.” Li Ciyue, the director of “Tian Tian Shang” and the chief director of “Sanxingdui Adventures”, said that “Tian Tian Shang” has always had many young audiences, hoping to bring them novel and interesting, unique perspectives and full expression. The program content of the beauty of the motherland.

“Everyday Upward” “Check in” Sanxingdui Museum Wang Yibo screamed “Archaeology is too cool”

“Everyday Upward” “Sanxingdui Adventure” recording site. Photo by Tang Qian

It is reported that there are 7 issues in the “Our Motherland is a Garden” series, and “The Adventures of Sanxingdui” is the last issue and the finale. “Everyday Upward” walked out of the studio and came to the mysterious Sanxingdui site to experience archaeology in depth.

The flying guest Zheng Yunlong who participated in the recording of this episode of the program, because he looks like Sanxingdui cultural relics, served as the Sanxingdui Cultural and Creative Experience Officer as early as 2019. Zheng Yunlong led the “brothers every day” and introduced them to Sanxingdui’s recent “news”. The experts and guests at the scene have a lot of backgrounds. They are Guo Hanzhong, the restoration engineer of Sanxingdui Museum, the executive leader of archaeological excavation in Sanxingdui Sacrificial Area, Ran Honglin, director of Sanxingdui Archaeological Research Institute of Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, and Sacrificial Pit No.5 to No.7 in Sanxingdui Sacrificial Area The excavation leader, Li Haichao, professor of the School of Archaeology, Culture and Science of Sichuan University, the excavation leader of the No. 8 sacrificial pit in the sacrificial area of ​​Sanxingdui, and Zhao Hao, associate professor of the School of Archaeology, Culture and Science of Peking University.

It is reported that this program will tell the cultural and historical story of the Sanxingdui site by displaying relevant cultural relics of the Sanxingdui Museum, understanding the restoration process of the cultural relics, and learning basic archeological knowledge.

“Everyday Upward” “Check in” Sanxingdui Museum Wang Yibo screamed “Archaeology is too cool”(1)


p > “Everyday Upward” “Sanxingdui Adventure” recording site. Photo by Tang Qian

This program showcases the amazing latest archaeological excavations in Sanxingdui and the diverse and brilliant Chinese civilization based on what the “Tiantian Brothers” have seen and learned. “Tiantian Brothers” not only visited professional archaeologists at Sanxingdui Cultural Relics Restoration Hall, but also had the first experience of Sanxingdui “Xia Pit” with the help of professional archaeologists. Wang Yibo even called “archaeology is so cool.”

The excavation of No. 3-8 sacrificial pits at Sanxingdui site made archaeological work out of the circle. In the recording of this program, “Everyday Upward” specially set up a “first experience of going down the pit” to experience the difficulty of archaeological work. “The original intention of this link was the’archaeological career experience’.” The director of “Tian Tian Shang” said, “Although “Tian Tian Shang” is a 13-year old program, among our “Tian Tian Brothers”, there is a young man like Wang Yibo. A high-quality idol. Experience archeology by him will inevitably make more young people have a stronger sense of substitution. At the same time, it is also hoped that the popularity of young idols can form a positive guide, so that more people will pay attention to China’s archaeological career.”< /p>

With the advancement of archaeological work, Sanxingdui has become a business card for Chinese archaeology. Many archaeologists have come here, and the archaeology of ancient Shu civilization has temporarily become an international academic hotspot. The magical land that gave birth to Sanxingdui has witnessed the birth of international archaeological cooperation and exchanges.

Speaking of why Sanxingdui was chosen as the finale, Li Ciyue believes that “Sanxingdui is the’top stream’ of archaeology and is one of the most important archaeological sites in China. It has rich cultural content. There are many major new discoveries, and can present a complete system of archaeological excavation, cultural relics restoration, and cultural relics exhibition. So Sanxingdui was chosen as the finale of this series of planning.”

Although it is the first time to shoot in Chengdu, Sichuan Location, but “Everyday Upward” is no stranger to here. “In fact, “Everyday Upward” has done several Chengdu food-related programs. Hot pot, skewers, barbecue, etc. are all our favorite foods, and I have a deep memory of Chengdu’s food. I hope that I can come to Sichuan to record more in the future. High-quality program.” Li Ciyue said.

It is reported that this issue of “Everyday Upward” will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV at 10 pm on Sunday, June 13. In order to understand the situation of Sanxingdui in depth, the host Wang Han arrived in Chengdu on May 15 and had a full discussion on the preliminary shooting with the archaeological experts of Sanxingdui to present the best program effect. (End)