Greece reopens its tourism industry, new crown vaccination speed needs to be accelerated

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China News Service, May 15th. According to the Greek “China-Greece Times” report, on the evening of the 14th local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that there were 2188 new confirmed cases of new crown and 56 new deaths in Greece in the past 24 hours. example.

On the same day, Greece opened a new phase of comprehensive unblocking, and the country’s tourism season officially kicked off. However, Greece is still relatively slow in terms of vaccination speed.

Greece reopens its tourism industry, new crown vaccination speed needs to be accelerated


p > On May 14, 2021 local time, Athens, Greece, the Acropolis Museum reopened to the public. The picture shows the beautiful scenery outside the museum.

According to reports, tourism is an important economic pillar of Greece, contributing one-fifth of the national economy’s income and providing 20% ​​of jobs. After months of blockade, the tourism industry in Greece has finally reopened. Greek Minister of State Iela Petritis said that the opening up of the Greek tourism industry will be divided into two stages.

The first stage is from May 14 to the end of June. During this period, all adult residents on the small islands (about 10,000 in total) will be vaccinated. The second phase will begin in early July. During this phase, adult residents on large islands will also be vaccinated.

For tourists, the EU Green Certificate is expected to be put into use on June 1. At the same time, Greece will still conduct sampling tests on incoming passengers to avoid increasing the burden of epidemic prevention on the Greek mainland. In addition, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office of Greece, Skeltos, said that foreign tourists have the opportunity to undergo nucleic acid testing during their stay in Greece.

In the tourist resort of Crete, at 10 am local time on May 14th, a chartered plane from Hanover, Germany landed at the Heraklion Airport in Crete with 183 passengers on board.

In the next four days, 10,000 tourists from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France and Belgium will arrive on the island. Up to now, 10-15% of hotels in Heraklion have opened, and Crete is ready to welcome a large number of tourists.

The speed of vaccination is still relatively slow

However, in terms of vaccination, Greece is still relatively slow. According to the latest data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Greece is one of the countries with the slowest rate of vaccination against the new crown in the European Union. Its vaccination rate is only higher than that of Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Latvia and Bulgaria, and ranks sixth from the bottom among all EU member states.

However, in recent weeks, vaccination work in Greece has been accelerating. With the reopening of tourism on the 14th, vaccination work is expanding to more islands. (Zhu Tianhao, Cai Ling)