Hefei quickly launched an emergency plan and has taken 8 measures to strictly control the epidemic

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China News Service, Hefei, May 14 (Reporter Wu Lan and Zhao Qiang) The reporter learned from the press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters on the morning of the 14th that the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government Under the unified deployment command, and under the guidance of the Anhui Provincial Health Commission and other departments, Hefei quickly launched an emergency plan, and went all out to do a good job in patient treatment, flow investigation, nucleic acid testing, isolation control and other emergency response work, and did its best Control the epidemic to the smallest area and make every effort to stop the spread of the epidemic. As of 3 a.m. on May 14, 8 major measures have been taken to strictly control the epidemic.

Hefei quickly launched an emergency plan and has taken 8 measures to strictly control the epidemic


p >Photographed by Wu Lan at the press conference

First, the emergency plan was quickly launched. The city and county levels quickly dispatched work teams such as epidemic analysis, epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid testing, medical treatment, environmental disinfection, and community prevention and control to carry out emergency response work. The Jinyun International Commercial and Residential Building in Satellite Community, Shangpai Town, Feixi County is tentatively designated as a medium-risk area.

The second is to quickly develop circulation. The city and county levels of disease control, public security, transportation, communications, etc. formed 15 tributary special classes to jointly carry out epidemiological investigations. Up to now, 458 people have been in close contact initially, including 24 flight passengers, 12 airport catering, 33 airport buses, 130 high-speed trains, 14 medical institutions, 216 hotels and photo studios, 8 restaurants, and takeaways. There are 13 personnel and 8 drivers. Among them, 267 people in the fattened area have implemented sampling control, 171 have a negative nucleic acid test, and the results of the remaining 96 are pending. Forty-five overseas investigation letters have been sent (26 from other provinces and 19 from within the province), 125 persons have been assisted for investigation, and the remaining 66 persons are being tracked.

The third is to immediately implement isolation management. The centralized isolation site has been quickly vacated, and 167 close contacts and sub-closed contacts have been subjected to centralized isolation medical observation.

Fourth is to expand nucleic acid testing and screening. Delimit control areas and implement closed management. Organized 11 nucleic acid testing teams with 232 sampling staff. Nucleic acid testing was carried out overnight for all employees within the closed control area. At present, 62,000 people have been sampled, of which 41,187 were negative. The remaining results are yet to be released.

Fifth, carry out environmental elimination. According to the patient’s trajectory, activities such as hotels, hospitals, and potentially contaminated vehicles have been completely eliminated. The garbage generated by the quarantined personnel shall be disinfected, sealed and processed by relevant departments.

The sixth is to focus on medical treatment. Negative pressure ambulances have been arranged to transport 2 patients to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment. Organize provincial and municipal experts to conduct consultations and make judgments, and try their best to treat patients. Two patients are currently in stable condition.

The seventh is to restrict the gathering of people. Suspend mass gathering activities within the scope of control. At the same time, large-scale exhibition activities such as the Tea Expo on May 14 will be cancelled.

The eighth is to report and release relevant information in a timely manner. It has been reported to the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Provincial Epidemic Prevention Headquarters once each, and once publicly notified to the public. We will continue to adhere to seeking truth from facts, actively respond to the concerns of the masses, and report and release relevant information in an accurate and comprehensive manner at the first time. (End)