Heilongjiang is set for the movie “Above the Cliff”: Follow the camera to explore the “Red Journey”

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China News Service, Harbin, May 4th, title: Film “On the Cliff”, Heilongjiang: Follow the lens to explore the “Red Journey”

The movie “On the Cliff” has been hot at the box office since its release. As the first spy war movie directed by Zhang Yimou, the film presents many scenes in Heilongjiang Province such as Harbin, Xuexiang, and Hengdaohezi. On the 4th, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism released the film prototypes of 7 shooting locations, inviting tourists to explore the past and present of Harbin and the “Red Journey” of Heilongjiang.

“Above the Cliff” tells the story of 4 communist agents who had received special training in the former Soviet Union in the 1930s and formed a mission team to return to China to perform a secret operation code-named “Utra” . This film 1:1 reproduces the landmark buildings such as Central Street, Asia Cinema, Madiel Hotel, etc., which makes people feel like they are traveling back to Harbin, which is full of snow and wind. It has aroused heated discussions among netizens in Heilongjiang and yearning for tourists from all over the world.

Heilongjiang is set for the movie “Above the Cliff”: Follow the camera to explore the “Red Journey”

Visitors enjoy the music from the Madelé Balcony by Lü Pin

Among them, the Central Street, which has a history of more than a hundred years, has a high frequency of appearances. Today’s Central Street not only retains the European style and time charm as in the lens of “Above the Cliff”, but also has the urban connotation of fashion and romance. Strolling on the street, stepping on the breadstones that have experienced years of experience, and feeling the elegance of the world’s architectural art, it is a must-choice place for tourists to check in Harbin.

Asia Cinema is one of the earliest luxury cinemas in China. It has a history of more than 100 years since its establishment. As one of the important scenes in the film, the appearance of Asia Cinema left a deep impression on the audience, carried the unique fate of Harbin, the city and the development of film culture, and also evoked the memories of many “old Harbin people”.

Madeer Hotel was built in 1906 and is known as a representative work of Art Nouveau architectural style. In Russian, “Madeer” means modern fashion. Even after going through ups and downs, the modern hotel still has an undiminished style, with a blend of modern and elegant flavors, and the popularity of Madele delicacies such as popsicles, bread, yogurt, and red sausage.

Heilongjiang is set for the movie “Above the Cliff”: Follow the camera to explore the “Red Journey”(1)


p >The charming snow scenery of Xuexiang Scenic Area, courtesy of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

In addition to the unique cultural environment, the film crew also takes root in Xuexiang, presenting the extremely cold and snowy scenery of northern China The harsh natural environment. Xuexiang Scenic Area, due to its long snow period, good snow quality, and high viscosity, forms the ultimate snow scene unique to China. It is a favorite choice for filming major film and television dramas. Every winter, tourists from all over the world come in, looking forward to the snow.

In addition, the Hengdaohezi Railway Station, the Commercial Library, the Harbin Police Department of the Puppet Manchukuo, etc., have preserved the tragic years, telling the vicissitudes of the past. With the popularity of the film, the attention of the prototypes of these sceneries has continued to increase, attracting tourists to explore the red course on the spot, re-understand Harbin and fall in love with Heilongjiang. (End)