How does original music develop? How do musicians get out of the circle? Insiders say so

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Chinanews.com, May 31. Recently, the 6th Beijing International Pop Music Week·Tencent Musicians Original Festival was held in Beijing in 2020. The Tencent Musicians Original Ceremony Forum was also opened on the same day. Many musicians exchanged and discussed the two main topics of “Live Performance and Original Music” and “Digital Music Ecology and Original Music Dissemination”.

How does original music develop? How do musicians get out of the circle? Insiders say so

Live, CP International Music Jiang Tao, managing director of the production center and secretary-general of Beijing International Pop Music Week, talked about the experience of starting a band when he was young. He believes that the role of original musicians has always existed, but technological innovation has caused great changes in platforms and channels. Musicians used to search, build, and promote by record companies to become celebrities. The Internet has made this process flatter. It brings rapid growth and more precise production and packaging to individuals or several new artists or teams entering the industry.

Speaking of the rapid development of live performances, An Ting, chairman of Beijing Hikenpiya International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., introduced that Beijing International Pop Music Week currently has a tour every weekend, and theater performances are very important for popular music. The tour is a very convenient way to better reflect the diversified form of popular music. In addition, theater performances are of great help to the music tour. While ensuring the quality of music, it allows excellent pop music groups and artists to get close to music fans, so that original music can be better promoted to all parts of the country.

The famous DJ and senior music planner Zhai Yi deeply agrees with An Ting’s views. He pointed out that live performances are one of the best touchstones for testing original music. Good music should be presented on the spot. .

In the streaming media era, brand-new communication channels and methods are emerging one after another, which provides musicians with more opportunities to show themselves. How to make one’s own work stand out from the massive music content puts forward higher requirements for musicians’ self-promotion ability. This is also the focus of the second half of the forum-“Digital Music Ecology and Original Music Dissemination”.

Lu Zhongqiang, the founder and music producer of Thirteenth Culture and Folk Songs on the Road, shared his thoughts on promoting folk songs, “I have been looking for a possibility to use folk music to make better popular expressions. The big ecology of TME includes support for many subdivided music fields, not limited to the help of traffic, which makes the popular and expression of national music more possible, which is very rare.”

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When it comes to the promotion and dissemination of music, original musicians have the deepest impression . Mainland male singer and music producer Jian Hongyi, senior record planner, well-known music critic, and lyricist Liu Shui Ji shared their music creation experiences. Jian Hong also mentioned that the way of dissemination has completely changed over the years, but the most important thing is to make music that he recognizes and return to the authentic music.

With the vigorous development of the original market and the intensification of platform competition, the dispute over the flow and quality of music creation has been endless. Is “content is king” still established and in what way? Liu Shui Ji believes that the carrier revolution is a good thing, but the focus is to return to the content. Musicians should focus more on their own creative content and promotion methods, and gradually explore their own music style in the process.

At the last part of the forum, Tencent Musicians awarded honors to singers, composers and behind-the-scenes producers who have performed outstandingly in the field of original music in the past year. Zhu Jingxi, Akini Jing, Zhang Gagui, Jian Hongyi, 23 musicians and behind-the-scenes workers such as Ma Tiao and Ju Hongchuan were awarded Tencent Musician’s Annual Recommended Musician, Annual Star Musician, Annual Potential Musician, Annual Musician, Annual Album, Annual Song, and The Best of The Force Project. 10 honors including lyrics, composition, arranger, and producer.