How terrible is India’s underreporting and underreporting of new crown figures? The world will suffer

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This article first published today’s headline, Liu Fufeng Studio , Author:Sun Yuliang

How severe is the epidemic situation in India. The daily increase in official notifications of new crown infections and deaths due to new crown infections has become the world’s first. The daily increase in new crown infections has exceeded 400,000 consecutively, and the daily increase in deaths has exceeded 4000. However, what is terrible is not the number one in the world. What is terrible is that this is just the”tip of the iceberg.” According to the Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health and an Indian professor, Jeha, speculates that the daily death toll in India may be close to 25,000. Massachusetts, USA Nalan, a professor of Indian political science at the Polytechnic Institute, agrees with this view, and the University of Washington’s Health Indicators and Evaluation Research predicts based on the epidemic model,The death toll in India may reach 1 million by August.

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Why India’s official numbers of new crown infections and deaths are not recognized by scientists ? It is already number one in the world, is there any need to conceal it? The so-called 25,000 deaths per day is actually estimated by U.S. scientists. This number is not accurate. Not 100%rigorous. The estimate is based on the crematorium in India, which will be the Indian crematorium before the new crown in 2019. The number of cremation dead was compared with the situation of collapse facing the crematorium today, and a conclusion was drawn. In 2019, the crematorium in India can process 27,000 dead bodies every day. The crematorium is now operating 24 hours a day, with firewood is not enough. The daily increase of 4,000 people is not enough to cause the crematorium to collapse. At least 25,000 people will die every day.

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Jeha just estimated a conservative number, based on the current situation of the collapse of the All India Crematorium Come to a conclusion. No one knows or knows what the true number of deaths in India is. India has more than one hundred ethnic groups and nearly two thousand languages. The medical system has collapsed. Corpses or water funerals , Buried, or burned, such a country with a population of 1.3 billion, even if it is not deliberately concealed, how many underreporting will there be? You know, India is a racially unequal society, the lowest Dalit“untouchables”, its The right to life is not respected at all, and their deaths are not worthy of even a number.

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The result of inaccurate numbers is a serious impact on the governmentDecision making. NowThe public opinion of the world pointed the spearhead of the failure of India’s epidemic prevention at the Modi government, and Jha and Naran think this is a case“Unprecedented governance failure”, United KingdomThe Lancet magazine believes that if there is an estimated death of one million, the Modi government will be responsible for the national disaster it caused. Why did the Modi government fail successively His accurate figures are the number one reason. You know, to command a war, intelligence mistakes are the most terrifying, because intelligence mistakes can cause mistakes Judgments, resulting in wrong decisions. The Modi government apparently underestimated the severity of the epidemic in India, and at one time believed that India had “victory” the epidemic As a result, no strict measures were taken to prevent the epidemic, people would be allowed to gather on a large scale without wearing masks, and it would be too late for serious consequences.

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In fact, all responsibilities are buckled on Modi’s head It is also inappropriate. Although Modi is jokingly called”Modi Daxian“, Modi is not a god. Objectively, India’s rich and poor are polarized, and there is no network delivery.China is so developed, if the national Blockade has brought the economy to a halt, and the poor in India are likely to struggle between”starved to death” or”sick to death”. Choose one of the two, Which one would you choose for empathy? I would rather die from infection than let myself starve to death. The mortality rate of COVID-19 is only a few percent, and most infected people will rely on immunity to survive this It is also one of the reasons why Modi has not adopted a national blockade. India’s national conditions are extremely difficult for anyone who wants to turn the tide.

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India’s new crown epidemic is out of control, the last resort is”herd immunity”. Cruelty will cause a large number of deaths, but for India’s huge population of 1.3 billion, the proportion of deaths is still a small number. Currently, Indian currency The rupee has become one of the worst currencies in Asia for three consecutive years. The Economist magazine analyzes that The Indian economy may face a 25-year setback, and may even face the risk of a recession back to its original shape. Now is the age of the global village. India’s tragedy is not just India’s own tragedy. It will affect the whole body and deeply affect the world. Nepal adjacent to India has become a”mini India”, Laos is also in dire straits due to the epidemic in India. Mutation viruses from India have been found in more than 20 countries, including Mainland China and Hong Kong area. The future situation that I really don’t want to see is:the Indian epidemic has changed the world, and it has made the world worse!