I can hold my breath, bend down, raise my head

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What is true maturity? Someone said:”The so-called true maturity is a process of continuous growth. It is the transparency after experiencing the cold world, the refinement after the vicissitudes of life, not the malaise after the frustration.”

Last year’s At that time, my friend Lao Guo experienced a midlife crisis. He was a middle-level manager. After the company went bankrupt due to poor management, Lao Guo became unemployed.

Mortgage loan and car loan, the tuition fees of the two children, a sum of expenses are like mountains, and he can’t breathe. My father had a sudden stroke again and was ill in bed. I thought the years were quiet, but in a blink of an eye, the reality was embarrassed on all sides.

During that time, he was posting resumes for interviews during the day, and doing part-time jobs in his free time. After finishing work, when he entered the ward, he was like an okay person, talking and laughing with his father. This kind of life lasted for several months, and he never had a trace of panic.

Ask him if he can still carry it, he only said indifferently:”No matter how difficult it is, I still have to pass it.”

In this world, some people live in tall buildings, some are in deep ditch, and some are There are people all covered in rust. But at a certain age, whether you live in a tall building, you fall into a deep ditchnever mind, for the responsibility of shoulders , You must carefully hide the rust properly.

The invisible crash is just a scar, a hidden crash It’s called a medal.

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Some people say that people really become stronger, not because they guard Self-esteem, but to put aside self-esteem. Because they have people and things they want to protect more.

In the world of grown-ups, there are high halls at the top and young children at the bottom. The front is mist and the chasing soldiers behind. Obviously has a noble heart, but is willing to bend down and bow his head, seemingly disregarding face, but living better than anyone Have courage. Only by swallowing grievances can we assume responsibility and support the important people.

Gradually understand that pain and suffering are part of life.

When encountering various difficulties and dangers, Never give upIt is the key to open the door to success and the weapon to defeat bad luck.

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The years are like a boat on a big river, and there are always tens of thousands of waves in front of you. But so what? After the difficult years of life, it’s like train leaving the tunnel, warm and bright all at once Bashing.

I discovered that the world can be so pleasant.

The real strength is that after experiencing despair, you still have hope in your heart. When you are in a trough, you must have the courage to raise your head. If you can’t survive it, it’s an abyss, but if you survive the darkness, you have a long way to go.

Some people say that there are only two kinds of people in adulthood, one is mature and the other is old. In fact, maturity is at heart, not age. In the days to come, please work hard to find the sweetness of life and become a more mature yourself.

When faced with wind and waves, calm as water, calmly not surprised; Understand adversity 11591617″ qid=”6585488071737791757″>choose, bend and stretch; lose hope , Bravely move forward.

You will find that all experiences are the mark of growth; the spring on the road is just right, and the future can be looked forward to.

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In adversity, bravely move forward!