Israel’s “Iron Dome” is popular, Ukraine wants to build a similar missile defense system

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China News Service, May 20. According to the Russian Satellite Network citing reports from the Ukrainian National News Agency, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense hopes to purchase a missile defense system similar to the Israeli “Iron Dome” system.

Recently, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has continued to escalate, and Israel’s “Iron Dome” system has performed well and has become famous for a while. According to the Israeli military, approximately 90% of the rockets have been intercepted by the “Iron Dome” system. In other words, although Hamas frequently “fired” on Israel, the actual casualties caused were very limited.

Israel’s “Iron Dome” is popular, Ukraine wants to build a similar missile defense system


p >The picture shows the Israeli “Iron Dome” air defense system intercepting rockets launched from the Gaza Strip to Israel’s Ashkelon.

In view of this, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrei Taran recently proposed this initiative. He said, “Last year, we started to take action to build an anti-missile defense system for Ukraine. We are considering the possibility of buying something similar to the “Iron Dome”.”

In recent years, there have been serious problems: old weapons are gradually failing, and there is not enough funds to buy new weapons. In response to this, Ukraine actively purchases foreign weapons and obtains military assistance from Western countries.

In April 2021, the situation in eastern Ukraine once tightened. Russia and Ukraine separately accused each other of gathering troops on the border between the two countries. The United States has repeatedly voiced its support for Ukraine with its European allies. Recently, Russia announced the end of military exercises held on the Russian-Ukrainian border and the Crimea region, and the participating troops withdrew to the base. Ukraine welcomes the Russian decision to withdraw its troops.