Life, suit oneself is happiness

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Some people in life often feel that others are happier than themselves. In fact, everyone has a life for everyone. You don’t need to envy other people’s possessions, but cherish what you own.

Life, you don’t have to compare with anyone, just suit yourself. After all, happiness is felt, not comparison. Don’t care too much about the opinions of others, and tying the opinions of others with your own happiness is probably the most loss-making business in the world.

Actually, each of us is unique, with short feet and long inches. Everyone is good at different directions. If you always want to compare with others, what is the meaning of life? A meaningless comparison is not only easier to lose your own happiness, but also to make yourself feel jealous.

Happiness is in each of us, not in the eyes of others. The happiest thing is to cherish what we have.

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The truly happy people are those who don’t compare themselves.

Some people say that Su Dongpo never wastes his life in regret and anger. He regards every demotion as a rare”reward” in life. When he was demoted to an uninhabited Lingnan, people felt that this was a place where he could not survive, but he wrote”I will eat 300 lychees every day, and I will grow up to be a Lingnan native.” When he was relegated to Danzhou, Hainan,”No meat, no medicine, no room for illness, No friends out”. If you change to someone else, you might feel that this is too bitter, but Su Dongpo enjoys it and appreciates the taste of life.

Su Dongpo’s fate was ups and downs, but he was able to free and easyclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="7990790" qid="6595534025530545421">with an open mind.

The personality of span> brings out the fun of life.

If a person wants to live a good life, he must first know how to get enough, not to do meaningless /span>’s comparison. Only if you don’t blindly compare, can you not feel imbalance; if there is no imbalance in your heart, you will have spare time to enjoy life.

In life, those who are happy tend to remember what they have; unhappy people always look at what others have.

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Most of the tiring of life comes from comparison. As the saying goes,”The human heart is not enough to swallow the elephant, and everything ends up catching the cicada.” Unrestricted comparison will make us mentality Unbalance and distortion, doing many invalid, useless, and meaningless things. It will not only affect your own mood, life, and health, but also affect others.

Many times, while you are envious of others, you don’t know that they are also envious of you. Why bother look around and lose happiness, so why bother to look around and lose happiness.

So, there is no need to compare everything, he has his happiness, and you have your happiness. As long as you work hard and create, it is always possible to live the life you want.

I hope you and I can live calmly and happily in the most comfortable state, without Wasting precious lives in sorrow and loss.

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Life, suiting oneself is happiness

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