Micro Animation丨The Answer

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“What kind of people are the Chinese Communists?

What kind of power is supporting them?

Make them brave, tough and unbelievable fighters What about?”

——Quoted from “Red Stars Shining on China”

A book called “Red Stars Shining on China”

It was once called “Understanding A key to China in the 20th century”

U.S. journalist Edgar Snow

In the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region with Yan’an as the center

China Northwestern Revolutionary Base

The real Communist Party of China and the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants

He came to Xi’an and Yan’an successively

Micro Animation丨The Answer

The security guard in the temporary capital of the Soviet area at the time (now Zhidan County)

Micro Animation丨The Answer(1)

He went deep into the forefront of Ningxia’s Yuwang Fort

Lived with the Red Army soldiers

Revolutionary soldiers, farmers, herders, workers, Communist Youth League members, young pioneers

and Communist Party leaders and many generals of the Red Army

Micro Animation丨The Answer(2)

He also went deep into the rural areas of the Soviet area at that time

Explore why the people supported the Communist Party of China

Micro Animation丨The Answer(3)

Snow has been interviewed in the Soviet area for nearly four months

An answer was also obtained during the exploration process

Compiled into “Red Star Shines on China”

Clarified various mysteries about Red China to the world

Disseminated the voice of Red China in an objective and fair manner

Foreign journalists interviewed in the mysterious “red zone”

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