More important than hard work is to improve your level of thinking

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知hut上Someone asked:”Does the gap between people really lie in the level of effort?”

A high praise answered:

What really opens the gap is whether you have the corresponding thinking and cognition.

If your mind recognizes it, you will naturally work hard willingly.

If you can’t recognize it in your mind, you can only force yourself to work hard, but your subconscious mind is resisting it. Naturally, the effect is not good.

In fact, the same world, the same problem, because of different thinking and cognition, people take different actions, and the final result is also different.

Understand the following Four ways of thinking may improve your thinking level and make your efforts more effective.

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Tear down the wall in the mind.

An alcoholic His father gave birth to twin sons.

20 years From now on, one is worth millions, but one is impoverished.

Someone asked They:”How did you live your life today?”

Their answers are surprisingly consistent:”No way, who will let me stand with a father like this?”

Starting from the same starting point, it came to a different ending.

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The seemingly identical speeches have different modes of thinking behind them.

The former believes that a person should take the main responsibility for his own life, and his father is an auxiliary. Even if his father is not so good, he can live the life he likes through struggle.

the latter , He likes to shirk his responsibilities, thinking that happiness mainly depends on outsiders and all his misfortunes are due to his father’s inability. This is a typical complaining thinking.

In life , There are many people who have complaining thinking:

If you fail to learn, you will blame the school for poor teaching; span>

If work is not going well, colleagues will be blamedwonderful flowers;

If the love fails, the object is to blame;

I can’t afford a house, I blame my parents for their inability…

It seems that everything The dissatisfaction is because of others, only oneself, who is a pitiful victim.

But actually , Everyone’s life is in his own hands and can be chosen.

EncounteredRather than attributing the problem to the outside world, it is better to think about how to solve it; when encountering difficulties, rather than endless complaints, it is better to take the initiative to solve the difficulties.

Xunzi has such a sentence:”Those who know themselves don’t blame others, those who know fate don’t blame heaven. Those who blame others are poor, those who blame heaven have no ambition.”

A truly powerful person, I have abandoned complaining thinking a long time ago.

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Murakami Haruki became famous before he opened a jazz music shop.

One ​​day in the afternoon , He looked at the store, and suddenly a idea appeared in his mind:”Maybe, I can also write Novel.”

Even though he knows very little about this business, he did not expect the so-called”emergency”, instead he started to open a shop immediatelyWriting.

Life flies It’s not so easy. He has to keep accounts, check the purchases, and arrange work every day. Sometimes, he needs to develop his own unique cocktails and cook his own exclusive side dishes.

every time In the middle of the night, after the shop closed, he had time for himself to write.

However, He bluntly said that he was very happy, and he was also happy in the state of writing until he was drowsy.

This The super action ability not only allowed him to improve his writing ability in a short period of time, but he was also recognized and affirmed by various industry awards.

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Liu Tong also said that the reason why he was able to write a best-selling book is that he is more than most Chinese students Mobility.

In this world, most regrets come from”I could”.

knowing that learning has the right to choose, but always holding a mobile phone and swiping constantly;

Know the sportsAbilitiesclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="8112785" qid="6595538311983420675"> span>Being thin, but always lying motionless in bed;

Knowing that social interaction has new possibilities, but always staying at home The family does not want to go out.

Only with”action thinking” can we truly create value.

Gorky’s I once said:”In life, nothing is more important or rare than human actions.”

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Get CEOGet off without flowers Once told such a story.

She has A subordinate came to her and asked:”Leader, do you have time the day after tomorrow?”

This makes her very confused.

And in addition A colleague obviously had a preplan in his mind, and said something like this when he came over:

“You said at the end of the year At that time, to communicate with the top ten customers, we achieved a preliminary plan.

The day after tomorrow, it will take you half an hour Make the final decision so that we can coordinate with the customer in advance.

I checked your itinerary, and you have no arrangements for the next morning and four o’clock in the afternoon. In the evening you go to Airport is also available on the road.

Which time period is it convenient for you to listen to our plan?”

This will not only have a clear goal, but also let the other party know what they need What to do, and also give a set of pre-plans, the other party only needs half a minute to make a choice, you can gain something.

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Can do this People also tend to have super strong layout thinking.

They will Stand in the future, make predictions about the present, and then make arrangements.

They also Will stand on the other side’s point of view, think about the problem, and then make the deployment.

So, When they are doing something, they will be more relaxed than those who take one step at a time.

When they encounter problems, they only need to make partial adjustments, the overall direction will not change, and their goals are often more easy to accomplish.

And their career promotion path is often smoother.

Chen Danran There is a saying that goes well:”Those who do not seek for the whole world are not enough to seek a moment; those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to seek a corner.”

Indeed, real masters have super strong layout thinking.

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The last two days, Hong Kong‘s richest man has changed.

Ningde Times Chairman of the Board of Directors Zeng Yuqun has a net worth of US$34.5 billion, surpassing Li Ka-shing and Li Zhaoji.

Look Zeng Yuqun’s life trajectory will find that”understanding the world is more important than”blind effort”.

1997 , The world’s first MP3 turned out, Zeng Yuqun and his friends realized that the new battery technology would bring about a revolution, and the idea of ​​self-employment was born.

Then, They co-founded ATL, a new energy technology company.

ATL connection Solving the problems of battery storage capacity and easy expansion, their worth has risen.

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2011, Zeng Yuqun After taking a fancy to automotive power, Tuyere, ATL’s automotive power department was packaged and spun off and a company was established Pure Chinese-owned company——Ningde era.

In the next few years, as he expected, the government increased subsidies for new energy vehicles, and he followed the trend with BAIC, Hyundai, Cheetah, Land Rover and other big car brands have made friends , Even the Ningde era battery became the core of Tesla, and he was also known as The man behind Musk.

If a person wants to succeed, he cannot go forward blindfolded and stand on the wind of the times to fly higher.

Lei Jun has a well-known saying:”Standing on the vent, pigs can fly.”

< p data-track=”142″> is a deep understanding of”thinking by means of momentum”.

This is In a rapidly changing era, there are opportunities everywhere.

a batch When a person falls, a group of people will inevitably stand up.

down to earth, While working hard, we must learn to look up at the stars.

To the world Stay sensitive, and you are more likely to enjoy the dividends of the wind outlet.

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more important than hard work Yes, improve your thinking level

Einstein once said:”This level of problems is difficult to solve by this level of thinking.”

Indeed, a person can only achieve the so-called”dimensionality reduction strike” only at a higher level.

Life is like a journey. Sometimes you will encounter a thick fog and you don’t know where you are going, and sometimes you will encounter a thorny one, and you can’t do anything.

But raising the level of thinking will allow us to jump out of the current predicament and look at the world in a brand-new way, and the problem will naturally be solved.

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