NASA releases stunning images of “Necklace Nebula”, which contains the secrets of “Stars in the Stars” (photo)

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China News Service, May 12, according to comprehensive foreign media reports, at the end of April, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced the latest image of the “Necklace Nebula” taken by the Hubble Telescope, describing it as “the universe” Grade Diamond Necklace”.

According to reports, the Necklace Nebula was first discovered in 2005 and is a newly discovered nebula by mankind.

NASA releases stunning images of “Necklace Nebula”, which contains the secrets of “Stars in the Stars” (photo)

It is 15,000 from the earth Light-years, in the constellation Sagitta, contains the glowing remains of a sun-like star that fell off at the end of its life. The nebula is composed of a bright ring, dotted with dense and bright gas knots, like diamonds on a necklace.

The reason why the Necklace Nebula can form this unique shape, astronomers explain, is because the central star is not only a binary star, but also a star in the middle.

About 10,000 years ago, these two stars were only a few million kilometers apart. One of the stars burned out its thermonuclear fuel and began to expand until it became a Red Giants. It swallowed its own Companion star-another star.

However, this swallowed companion star has not been completely destroyed, because of its relatively large density and strong inertia, it can continue to run in the red giant, increasing the rotation speed of the expansion giant. Until most of it rotates outward into space.

The ring of this escaped fragment became the Necklace Nebula, in which particularly dense gas clumps formed the bright “diamonds” around the ring.

The Necklace Nebula appeared in the Hubble image released in 2011, but this time the new image was created through advanced processing technology, making this interesting celestial body a new and improved Perspective.

This composite image contains several exposures of the third-generation wide-field camera, and is made by post-processing under the guise of color processing technology.