National IP “Bear Haunted” appeared on stage in the form of a parent-child stage play to reap cheers

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China News Service, Beijing, May 9th, “Ah, it’s Xiong Da! So cute!” “A good performance!” A cry of immature cheers continued to echo in the theater. The national IP super giant parent-child stage play “The Primitive Era of Bear Haunted” has been auditioned at the Grand Theater of the National Culture Palace recently, which has won the warm shouts of the children and the recognition of parents.

The stage play tells the adventure story of “Xiong Qiang Group” (Bald Head Qiang, Xiong Da and Xiong Er) who accidentally entered the Stone Age 30,000 years ago. It is slightly changed from the 2019 big movie “Bear Infested Primitive Age”; in the stage play, in addition to the extinct prehistoric animal mammoth, there are also two incompatible ethnic groups recorded on the petroglyphs-the savage and the wolf! Xiong Da met a little wolf named Feifei and formed a “wolf bear combination” to search for the “fruit of courage”; Xiong Er and Bald Qiang helped the savage tribe to repel an attack by the wolf tribe and were enshrined as a god by the savage tribe. The three were simultaneously involved in the dispute between the two races…

National IP “Bear Haunted” appeared on stage in the form of a parent-child stage play to reap cheers

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the stage beauty in the field of parent-child stage play, and it has become one of the important indexes to measure the quality of a play. The “Bears” series of IP, as a cartoon image that is deeply loved by young people in my country, the main creators also pay more attention to the quality and content of IP. So when the relaunched giant parent-child stage play “The Original Age of Bear Haunted” was unveiled, the stage show became the most anticipated part of the industry and the audience.

The 360° rotatable stage presents a virgin forest in front of the audience, deep forest paths, rugged and tortuous rocks, weird movable trees, bottomless cliffs, etc., all These can be found on the stage. The beautiful butterflies flying in the sky, the bright flowers blooming everywhere, the ancient fossil rock walls of the primitive age, the magnificent and exquisite scenery, and the vivid multimedia experience all surprised the audience.

A good stage play, the first thing the audience remembers is the catchy melody. “What we did was to open the show in the form of a musical.” Director Zhao Yu introduced. The entire 75-minute performance contains no fewer than ten songs, both of which are upbeat rhythms and some are tactfully and lyrically. Every capital is beautiful. Among them, the main melody song pushed the stage plot to a climax. The mood of the whole audience was excited with the high tune, and a small audience shouted “Be careful” to show their vigilance.

Although it is a parent-child drama, the host Beijing Senpu Culture still insists on high-cost production of stage music. Using music to express emotions is an advanced stage language. The emotions brought out by music are sometimes closer to the situation at the time than words. In the plot, when Xiong Daxiong and two bald heads are separated from the Savage Race and Little Wolf Feifei, the melodious melody sounds. The feeling of separation is real and moving, which makes the whole musical raise a lot of “stalls”.

This parent-child stage play is not only a lively family carnival gift, but also a work worthy of in-depth discussion between parents and children. Many small audiences said after watching the performance: “Mom, I also want a fruit of courage, and I also want to be brave!” So, what is the fruit of courage throughout the show? Even as an adult audience, this question is worthy of in-depth thinking. In the play, the fruit of courage is a virtual form, which is love, courage, friendship, and strength. It can be a different understanding in the hearts of each audience. The fruit of courage in the eyes of children and the fruit of courage in the eyes of adult parents may be different in definition and form. However, it is also this difference that can trigger a profound dialogue between parents and children, and let the thinking caused by a stage play go deeper. And in the long run.

It is reported that the play will be staged in Beijing Century Theater for 7 consecutive performances from May 28 to June 1. (End)