National Publicity Week on “Refusal of Cross-border Gambling” Launched, Public Security Prompted to Do “Ten No” to Gambling

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China News Service, Beijing, May 7 (Guo Chaokai) In order to mobilize the general public to actively participate in the fight against cross-border gambling, the nationwide “Reject Cross-Border Gambling” publicity week was launched on the 7th. Local public security organs, in conjunction with relevant departments, actively carry out publicity and interpretation of gambling-related laws and regulations, and educate and guide the general public to continuously improve their awareness and ability to recognize and reject gambling.

At the kick-off ceremony held in various places, the Zhejiang Hangzhou Public Security Bureau awarded the volunteers’ propaganda team and the volunteers “Reject Gambling and Anti-Fraud Experts” with flags and plaques, representatives of Guangdong Guangzhou Internet Technology Company and young students Representatives jointly initiated the anti-gambling initiative, and the police in Changsha, Hunan demonstrated the dangers of cross-border gambling and the physical objects involved in the case. In addition, Chongqing, Kunming, Yunnan, Shenyang, Liaoning and other places also carried out related activities.

National Publicity Week on “Refusal of Cross-border Gambling” Launched, Public Security Prompted to Do “Ten No” to Gambling


p >In the face of gambling traps, the public security organs reminded the masses of the “ten nos”. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security

It is understood that since 2020, the Ministry of Public Security, in conjunction with relevant departments, has continued to promote the fight against cross-border gambling; a total of 18,000 cases of cross-border gambling and related crimes have been investigated and suspected. There are more than 110,000 people; more than 3,400 online gambling platforms, more than 2,800 illegal payment platforms and underground banks, more than 1,400 illegal technical teams, and more than 2,200 gambling promotion platforms have been eliminated. A large number of funds involved in the case have been seized and frozen. This is the interim goal of curbing the chaos of cross-border gambling.

Public security organs reminded that cross-border gambling and online gambling are very harmful, and the refusal of cross-border gambling is important in building personal defenses. In the face of gambling traps, the general public must have the “ten nos”, namely: do not believe in the myth of getting rich, hard work to get rich is not fooled, gambling links cannot be opened, pornographic gambling live broadcasts cannot be watched, online lottery cannot be touched, overseas work is not credulous , Low-cost cross-border travel is not credible, card information is not sold, personal collection codes are not rented, and it is not light to violate the law. (End)