Over 40 people have been shot in two major U.S. cities

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According to US media reports on the 2nd local time, the high incidence of gun violence in many parts of the United States during the weekend that just ended has remained the same. Among them, at least 6 people were shot in New York City and 1 person died. As many as 39 people were shot in Chicago, and 5 people died.

In New York, there were at least 4 shootings this weekend. Of the 6 shots, 4 were teenagers. At present, none of the suspects in these cases have been arrested. The police said the investigation is still ongoing.

Among the intensive shootings in Chicago, two fatal cases occurred in just one hour. The locations of the incidents were all on the road. In one of these cases, the victim was shot and killed in a car. Ten minutes after the incident, two men were shot on the street after hearing the gunshots, and one of them died.

Over 40 people have been shot in two major U.S. cities

According to American guns According to statistics from the Violence Archives website, the number of deaths caused by gun-related cases in the United States has reached 14,392 since the beginning of this year.