Re-take the Zhangnan Canal, which was “picked” by the military and civilians with both hands, to witness the beautiful rural construction

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[Internet media revolution in the old district] Return to the military and civilian use of the Zhangnan Canal to witness the construction of the beautiful countryside

China News Service, Taiyuan, May 31st title: Return to the military and civilian use of both hands The Zhangnan Canal that was “picked” witnessed the construction of beautiful villages

The Zhangnan Canal, built in 1942, is an artesian irrigation canal that was “picked” by the people of Licheng, Shanxi on the cliffs of Taihang Mountain with their hands. It is also a feat that the Eighth Route Army led the masses of people to open roads through mountains, build bridges when encountering water, transform mountains and rivers, and benefit the people. Today, Zhangnan Canal, located in the ancient village of Yukou, Shangyao Town, Licheng County, has become a breakthrough in the construction of a beautiful local village.

In 1942, the Japanese invaders stepped up their raids on the North China base areas, and brutally implemented the “three lights” policy of burning, killing, and robbing all of them. At the most difficult time of the Anti-Japanese War, the Taihang area was severely affected by drought, which caused severe temporary difficulties in the base areas.

Re-take the Zhangnan Canal, which was “picked” by the military and civilians with both hands, to witness the beautiful rural construction


p >The picture shows the Zhangnan Canal Memorial Hall in Shangyao Town. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Licheng County Party Committee

At that time, the Shanxi-Hebei-Luyu Border District Government issued a call to the people of “self-produce, self-help, and adequate food and clothing”. As a result, while fighting arduously, the 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army, together with the Taihang Border Region and the Licheng County Government, launched a vigorous mass production campaign.

In just four months, two canals on both sides of the Zhuozhang River were built, with a total length of 23.5 kilometers and more than 4,000 mu of irrigated land. The completion of Zhangnan Canal increased the grain production that year.

Since then, the first large-scale water conservancy project built by the people led by the Eighth Route Army is forever engraved on the Taihang Mountain. It opened a precedent for using Zhang River water to irrigate agriculture and develop water conservancy. Today, Zhangnan Canal still moisturizes the local people.

The Zhangnan Canal spirit of “self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication” was nurtured during the initial construction, reconstruction and expansion of Zhangnan Canal. In order to inherit and carry forward this spirit, Shangyao Town planned to build Zhangnanqu Memorial Hall here.

In 2019, the Shangyao Town Government established the “Party Member Education Base”. The base has a standardized restaurant with more than 1,000 square meters, a full-time work team to ensure the normal operation of teaching equipment, a professional red interpreter volunteer service team, etc., and use the well-preserved “Unity Bridge” to launch the “Revisit Zhangnan Canal” activity to let The public has an outdoor visit experience.

Shangyao Town Party Committee Secretary Bei Yuwen introduced that since the establishment of the base, it has received more than 800 party and government agencies and social organizations, and more than 10,000 people. At present, the integrated construction of the Zhangnan Canal Memorial Hall has begun to take shape, and supporting facilities such as scene experience in the museum area, “Remembering Bittersweet” canteen, landscape road paving, memorial square, and people’s stage are also being re-planned and constructed.

Speaking of future development, Bei Yuwen said that he strives to build Zhangnanqu Memorial Hall into a comprehensive training and education base that integrates visits, training, experience, and theatrical performances to better spread the spirit of Zhangnanqu. Let the red gene pass on from generation to generation. (End)