Short of oxygen, India “can’t breathe” Fauci: Hurry up and learn from China to fight the epidemic

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China News Service, May 2nd, a comprehensive report. According to data released by the Indian Ministry of Health, as of 8:00 on May 1st, local time, there were 40,1993 new confirmed cases of new crown in India within 24 hours, and the total number of confirmed cases has exceeded 1.91 million. There were 3,523 new deaths, and a total of more than 211,000 deaths.

As the epidemic continues to worsen, New Delhi, the capital of India, has extended the blockade measures for another week; American infectious disease expert Fauci prescribed a “prescription” for India-learning China’s anti-epidemic methods.

Short of oxygen, India “can’t breathe” Fauci: Hurry up and learn from China to fight the epidemic


p >The increasing number of confirmed diagnoses set a new global record again

“With that little oxygen, can Delhi breathe?”

Data shows that this is the first time that India’s new confirmed cases exceeded 400,000 in a single day For example, it also set a new record for the number of new cases in a single country in a single day in the world. At the same time, the country’s increasing number of confirmed cases has remained above 300,000 for 10 consecutive days.

Due to the continuous surge in new confirmed cases, the capital New Delhi decided to extend the lockdown measures that originally expired on May 3 for another week.

In announcing the decision, New Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal also said, “Delhi needs 976 tons of oxygen, but yesterday we only got 312 tons. With that little oxygen, can Delhi breathe?”

As the minister said, at present, the shortage of medical resources in many places such as New Delhi has not been resolved. According to local media, on May 1, local time, the Batra Hospital in New Delhi ran out of medical oxygen, resulting in the deaths of 8 patients, including a doctor.

For this case, the New Delhi High Court specifically mentioned in a hearing on May 1, and requested the Indian Federal Government to make special arrangements for New Delhi to ensure that some medical oxygen can be allocated locally.

Short of oxygen, India “can’t breathe” Fauci: Hurry up and learn from China to fight the epidemic(1)

The United States announced restrictions on Indian travelers Entry

Fauci prescribes a “prescription”: learn from China to build a temporary hospital

Due to concerns about the mutated virus found in India, the US government has announced that it will start on May 4 and restrict Entry of passengers from India.

American infectious disease expert Fauci said that when the epidemic broke out in China, the Chinese government took timely and effective measures within a short period of time to block the transmission chain of the new crown virus, and pointed out, “You ( India) does not need to shut down for six months, it can be temporarily blocked to end the vicious circle of transmission.”

Fauci said that in the medium term, India needs to do what the Chinese do when facing a crisis, that is, to build emergency facilities like (square cabin) hospitals in a few days or weeks. To take care of the people, “this is an achievement that everyone is amazed by.”

Fauci emphasized, “In some ways, you should think of this as a war. The enemy is a virus. So you know where the enemy is. Treating the epidemic is almost like war, because it is An emergency.”