Song of Youth | Me and My Country

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Editor’s note: “Contemporary Chinese youth are a generation that walks in the same direction and advances together with the new era. They are born in a prosperous age and shoulder heavy responsibilities.” General Secretary Xi Jinping values, cares, and trusts youth. The general secretary was with the youth, there was laughter, touch, and many beautiful singing voices.

On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, CCTV’s “People’s Leader Xi Jinping” column launched a series of reports on the “Song of Youth”, revisiting the warm-hearted interaction between the General Secretary and young friends, and feeling the power of youth!

Song of Youth | Me and My Country

“Me and My motherland cannot be divided for a moment. No matter where I go, I will leave a hymn…”

On January 17, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was inspecting in Tianjin, made a special trip to visit Nankai University. Teachers and students. Before leaving, thousands of Nankai teachers and students who were guarding the campus square sang this song spontaneously. The singing was like waves, and the slogans of “Love China” and “Rejuvenate China” were higher than the other. General Secretary Xi Jinping waved to everyone frequently.

“I was very excited at the time and wanted to express to the General Secretary the patriotism and ambition of our contemporary youth to serve the country.” Some young students described the scene like this.

The singing voice is affectionate and the slogan is uplifting. It seems to be firmly responding to the “three patriotic questions” mentioned by the general secretary that day——

“Would you like China?”

< p>On September 17, 1935, facing a poor and weak country, the old principal Zhang Boling put forward the “three questions about patriotism” at the “opening ceremony” of the new school year in Nankai, which carried the Chinese people’s ideals of saving the country at that time and was embarrassing.

Traveling through time and space, the simple and heavy three-questions still contain infinite power.

On this visit to Nankai, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave a very high evaluation of the “Three Questions about Patriotism”. He said: “This is not only a question of history, but also a question of the times and the future. We will We must do this well.”

Song of Youth | Me and My Country(1)

Song of Youth | Me and My Country(1)

Song of Youth | Me and My Country(1)

Song of Youth | Me and My Country(1)


On January 17, 2019, Xi Jinping waved to students at Nankai University.

The hundred-year history of Nankai has condensed the spirit and integrity of the Chinese nation. At the Nankai University School History Exhibition Hall, General Secretary Xi Jinping stopped to look at and ponder in front of pictures and historical materials. “Our ambition for Xin Nankai is nothing more than the second language of’knowing China’ and’serving China’.” The general secretary chanted softly and said bluntly, “Well said!”

He encouraged everyone: “Back then The opening of Nankai University is for the Chinese nation to stand up and cultivate talents. We are now ushering in the stage from standing up, getting rich, and getting stronger. We must combine the specific goals of learning with the grand goals of national rejuvenation. And struggle.”

Young people have different life goals and career choices. General Secretary Xi Jinping believes that only by integrating one’s ego into the big ego of the motherland and the big ego of the people, keeping pace with the times and sharing the destiny with the people, can we better realize the value of life and enhance the realm of life.

Along the way, the general secretary’s words and deeds have vividly interpreted this.

When the educated youth went to the countryside at the age of 15, they went to one of the most difficult places; at the age of 21, he worked as the secretary of the brigade in Liangjiahe and led the villagers to build the first biogas digester in Shaanxi Province; at the age of 25 After graduating from Tsinghua University, putting on a military uniform and working in the General Office of the Central Military Commission, he took the initiative to apply for transfer to the grassroots level after three years. ”

Some young people sighed: “The general secretary is our role model and life mentor, and his personal growth experience brings us endless motivation for our learning and growth.”

Song of Youth | Me and My Country(2)

On April 19, 2021, Xi Jinping came to Tsinghua University Survey.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to youth, cares for youth, and trusts youth. The sentence “The Chinese Dream is ours, and it belongs to your younger generation”, let the young people understand the general secretary’s deep hopes for the younger generation; the sentence “Study and work hard, down-to-earth, work hard, tireless, hungry and thirst”, let young people understand The youth experienced the teacher’s instruction to the students; the sentence “we should look at the innovation and creation of youth with the eyes of appreciation and approval, and actively support them to show off in life”, let the youth feel the cherishment of the elders for the juniors.

“Post-70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, before they go out to see the world, China can already look at the world, and it’s not as’earth’ as ​​we were back then…” This sentence said during the National Two Sessions this year has aroused numerous resonances.

Today, the Chinese youth in the new era are in the best period of the development of the Chinese nation. They are faced with the rare life experience of making contributions and careers, and they are also facing the mission of the times of “Heaven will descend to the people of Sri Lanka”.

After graduating from the 80s, Huang Wenxiu gave up the job opportunity in the big city and plunged his feet into the soil of his hometown. During his 1 year and 82 days as the first secretary of the village, he helped the whole village 88 418 people in the household were lifted out of poverty, reducing the local poverty incidence from 22.88% to 2.71%. General Secretary Xi Jinping praised her-“wrote the song of youth in the new era”.

Lu Chaoyang, a member of the “Nine Chapters” quantum computing prototype development team, has kept a text message sent by his teacher many years ago-“I hope you study hard, come back soon, and contribute to the national rejuvenation!” Nowadays, he has made many achievements after returning from his studies to China and he is one of the young people at the forefront of the international quantum science field.

Song of Youth | Me and My Country(3)

March 2020 On 23rd, some medical staff from Wuhan First Hospital sent off the 14th batch of Guangdong medical aid team to Hubei at Wuhan Tianhe Airport.

In the darkest moment of the epidemic, among the more than 42,000 medical staff who helped Hubei, more than 12,000 were “post-90s”, and a considerable number of them were “post-95s” or even “post-00s.” . General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the majority of young people have proved by their actions that the Chinese youth in the new era are good and worthy of great responsibility!

The mobile China is full of youthful “I” with a family and a country in their hearts.

102 years ago, the youth of the May Fourth Movement chanted: “China will not die, there is me!” 102 years later, the youth of the new era still chanted: “China must be strong and there will be me!” This is historical Echo is also the new sound of the times.

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