Technology empowers smart policing, Jiangxi police cracked 1,764 criminal cases through visual applications in the past two years

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China News Service, Nanchang, May 7th (Reporter Li Yunhan) The Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department held a press conference on the 7th to report that in the past two years, the Jiangxi police have cracked 1,764 criminal cases and arrested 2,636 criminal suspects through visual applications. .

According to the introduction of Cheng Haiteng, head of the Science and Technology Corps of the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangxi Police has used sufficient data to enable the transformation and upgrading of the police service model in an all-round way. Adhere to the actual combat effectiveness as the only yardstick for testing the effectiveness of construction, maximize the use of big data resources to empower the police in actual combat, and effectively improve the prevention and control capabilities of the grassroots public security organs.

Jiangxi police develops a large number of basic and general comprehensive applications such as intelligent search and relationship analysis, and based on the special fight against criminals and evil, the protection of the Yangtze River, the fight against cross-border gambling crimes, and the fight against telecommunication cyber crimes, etc. A series of key tasks, timely development of actual combat models, accurate and efficient verification of various clues and persons involved in the case, the province’s informatization service video image core post only used visual applications to find 3638 missing persons, cracked 1,764 criminal cases, and arrested crimes There are 2,636 suspects, providing strong guarantees for fighting crimes, investigating and solving cases.

Technology empowers smart policing, Jiangxi police cracked 1,764 criminal cases through visual applications in the past two years


p >Relying on the big data platform, Nanchang Public Security Bureau has created a series of in-depth applications such as smart communities and smart police grids. (Data map) Photo by Liu Zhankun

In addition, the Jiangxi police relies on the construction of smart street police stations and smart communities to build a three-dimensional intelligent social security prevention and control network that combines point and surface, and virtual reality. 100% of the police are equipped with mobile police terminals, 219 mobile applications are online, and an average of 15,000 people are online at the same time per day. The police can carry out such tasks as receiving police, patrolling and investigating, enquiry and recording, law enforcement and case handling through mobile police anytime and anywhere, so as to achieve social security Prevention and control are transformed from traditional management to intelligent services.

“The intelligent construction of public security big data is a basic, overall, and systematic project. A strong basic support is the key to ensuring the effectiveness of construction.” Cheng Haiteng said that the wired, wireless, and satellite , 4G wireless image transmission and integration of various communication equipment, establish a visual fusion scheduling platform that integrates display, control, and adjustment, to achieve communication interconnection, command accessibility, image adjustment, on-site visualization, and flat integration such as precision prevention and control Visual command and dispatch requirements.

It is worth noting that the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department has established the Jiangxi Public Security Research Center for Combating New Crimes, correspondingly established 5 research groups, selected 93 research teams, and carried out early warning independently or cooperatively. Prediction, prevention and crackdown, special treatment, analysis and judgment, technical and combat method refinement and theoretical research have initially formed a number of research results, which have effectively improved the province’s ability to combat new crimes. (End)