Ten years of sharpening the sword DESI dark energy spectrometer starts the journey of universe exploration

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Ten years of sharpening the sword DESI dark energy spectrometer starts the journey of universe exploration

Dark energy is a mystery that drives the accelerated expansion of the universe power. In 1998, scientists discovered strong evidence for the existence of dark energy for the first time. The data from the cosmic microwave background radiation observation experiment shows that ordinary matter in the universe only accounts for 4.9%, dark matter accounts for 26.8%, and dark energy accounts for 68.3%. Dark energy and dark matter are called “two dark clouds in the sky of physics at the beginning of the 21st century” by scientists.

As the universe expands, galaxies move away from each other, and their light becomes longer, redder light waves, which is called redshift. The farther the galaxy is, the greater its redshift. By measuring the redshift of galaxies, DESI researchers will produce a 3D map of the universe. The detailed distribution of galaxies on the map is expected to produce new insights into the effects and properties of dark energy.

DESI was built on a 4-meter-diameter telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona, USA. Its core is 5000 independent pencil-sized robots. Each robot controls an optical fiber eye. They work together. Capture light waves.

Ten years of sharpening the sword DESI dark energy spectrometer starts the journey of universe exploration(1)

The U.S. Department of Energy is responsible for high energy physics Deputy Director Jim Siegrist said: “We are very pleased to see the launch of DESI. This is the first project to begin scientific investigation of the next generation of dark energy. In addition to the main task of studying dark energy, the data set it has obtained will also It is more widely used in many fields of astrophysics research.”

The project leader, Michael Levy of Berkeley Lab explained: “Compared with previous sky surveys, DESI is unique in that It will measure the spectrum of galaxies 10 times more than ever before, and can collect the light emitted by celestial bodies 11 billion years ago.”

Cosmologists from the French Commission for Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy and the project jointly Spokesperson Natalie Palanque-Drabwell said: “We started designing this instrument about 10 years ago. DESI aims to better understand the universe, especially dark energy, which will enable researchers to accurately solve the problem. Two main questions: what is dark energy and the extent to which gravity follows the laws of general relativity, which form the basis for our understanding of the universe.”

Before the 5-year survey officially starts, DESI’s customized instruments will be carried out. In a four-month trial operation, the spectra of 4 million galaxies were captured, surpassing the sum of all previous spectroscopic surveys.