The Chinese Football Association plans to push the youth league, elite players can take into account training and schoolwork

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China News Service Client Beijing, May 10th (Reporter Xing Rui) Recently, the Chinese Football Association issued a request for the “Chinese Youth Football League and the Chinese Football Association National Youth Football League Men Notice of opinions and suggestions for junior high school age group U13 and U15 competition preliminary plan.

The Chinese Football Association stated that in 2020, due to the epidemic, the youth games have not been launched as scheduled. As the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the 2021 National Youth Football League competition organization will also be comprehensive and effective. Order advancement.

Gao Hongbo, the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association who attended the opening ceremony of the first Beijing Community Cup Football Tournament here, introduced that the planned Chinese Youth Football League will be divided into U13 (Junior 1) and U15 (Junior 2 and 3) The two groups will compete according to the school year, and the competition will not affect the academic and examination of young players. The competition system is fully open, club echelon, social youth training institutions, sports schools and school teams can all participate, and there are no barriers to competition between the subjects.

The Chinese Football Association plans to push the youth league, elite players can take into account training and schoolwork

Gao Hongbo in Beijing The opening ceremony of the first Community Cup. Photo courtesy of the organizer.

The youth league takes the cultivation of outstanding talents as the biggest goal, downplays youth competition performance, downplays championship doctrine, and cultivates youth football talents with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and art.

Gao Hongbo said: “The significance of the youth league is that we hope that outstanding reserve athletic talents will have complete compulsory education, and will not be separated from the family, school, and society. Let potential elite players can Give consideration to football training while going to school, insist on both cultural education and professional training, and not choose to go to school or’professional’ after graduating from elementary school. After the compulsory education stage, you can decide whether to engage in football according to your level and development space. ”

He told reporters that the current competition requires local member associations to gradually establish a stable, long-term, multi-level youth league system based on the actual conditions of each place. The Chinese Football Association will provide certain funds, policies, and competition management services to provide support and assistance to various local events.

In order to meet the needs of the club’s elite teams, Gao Hongbo said that the Chinese Football Association will also mobilize various social resources, coordinate various local youth brand competitions, and support them through various means such as funds and policies. Elite teams create more opportunities for competition. (End)