The distribution of Shanghai sports coupons is “upgraded”. The total amount issued is about 40 million

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China News Online, May 1st (Reporter Miao Lu) The distribution of sports coupons in Shanghai 2021 was officially launched on the 1st. Based on the experience of Shanghai sports coupons distribution in 2020, the Shanghai Sports Bureau will work hard to build this year. “Upgraded version”, with higher total amount of vouchers, greater subsidies, longer duration, more stadiums, more sports events, and more convenient ways to participate. It will actively contribute to the 2021 National Consumption Promotion Month and Shanghai’s “Five Years”. Five Shopping Festival”.

From September 9th, 2020 to March 31st this year, the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau distributed sports coupons to citizens for the first time in the city. The total distribution of sports coupons to citizens was about 24 million yuan, which stimulated designated venues. Direct consumption is close to 63 million yuan. The 2021 Shanghai sports coupons will be delivered from May to December, and financial funds of about 40 million yuan will be arranged. Among them, it will be issued at 11 o’clock and 18 o’clock on May 1, and will be issued at 8 o’clock, 12 o’clock, and 18 o’clock every day from May 2nd. A total of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan, 50 yuan, and 80 yuan are designed. Class face value, benefiting people and welfare continuously every day. Citizens can receive a maximum of 3 coupons per week (each person holds a maximum of 3 coupons at the same time), and each person can receive a maximum of 1 large-value consumption coupon (50 yuan, 80 yuan coupon) per week. Each coupon is valid for 7 days, each person can use up to 1 coupon per day, and each person can use up to 3 coupons per week.

In order to promote sports consumption, help the whole people fitness. The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Sports has further increased its financial support for venues to better meet citizens’ diverse fitness needs, and increase the benefit and experience of sports vouchers. 2021 Shanghai sports coupon distribution work will successively launch summer swimming, football, ice and snow, senior fitness and other special sports coupons for specific events and specific groups of people, and realize the sports coupon distribution mini program and “Jian Shen code”, Shanghai Sports The fitness map information is shared to assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the venues. During the Tokyo Olympics and the 14th National Games, there will be surprises and large red envelopes.

The distribution of Shanghai sports coupons is “upgraded”. The total amount issued is about 40 million


p >The distribution of 2021 Shanghai sports coupons officially started on the 1st. Photo courtesy of the Shanghai Sports Bureau

Based on the recruitment of more than 500 designated venues in 16 districts of the city, comprehensive consideration of the distribution of sports venues and citizens’ fitness needs, etc. Reasonable allocation of factors, perfect layout, new designated venues are still being recruited. Oriental Sports Center, Rock Park SSR Sports Complex, New World Tianyu Climbing, Shenhui City Archery Hall, Qiantan Sports Park, Xike Ball Center, Changfeng Liguo Water Sports Center, Ding Junhui Billiards Club… all participating companies in the delivery activities The designated sports venues are ready, waiting for the people of Shencheng who love sports to exercise and enjoy the whole people.

In addition, in order to make the collection and use of sports vouchers more standardized, the Municipal Sports Bureau upgraded its supervision and management, revised the regulations on the distribution of vouchers and other documents, and instructed operating agencies to establish and improve the real-time monitoring mechanism for the distribution of sports vouchers. Strengthen background data analysis, research and judgment, and arrange for third-party institutions to undertake supervision duties such as consumer coupon data security, information security, and reconciliation, adopt online early warning, offline supervision and other real-time supervision methods, and organize sports coupon staff training in various districts to implement Territorial management responsibility, strengthen the guidance service and daily supervision of designated venues, and ensure the orderly development of the distribution of sports coupons.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to better promote the concept of sports and happiness for the whole people in Shanghai sports vouchers, after Olympic champions, fitness experts and leaders of the Municipal Sports Bureau have shot super-burning promotional videos , “Shanghai Sports” government affairs WeChat opened the “Sports Voucher Endorsement for My” micro-video solicitation activity. From now until June 30th, as long as you shoot your own sports video within 1 minute, introduce your name, age, changes brought to you by sports, and venues where you use Shanghai sports coupons, you can upload “Shanghai Sports” government affairs WeChat Or Tik Tok. High-quality videos will have the opportunity to board the Oriental Pearl Mobile TV, appearing on a total of 60,000 screens in subways, buses and some buildings throughout Shanghai; winners will have the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Sports Museum in advance and the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the Olympic champions . (End)