The earth is entering the sixth era of mass extinction, and human beings personally push themselves into the abyss

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The ecological environment on the earth is getting worse and worse. Scientists’ research shows that the earth may now have entered the sixth era of mass extinction. If this era really comes, what will we humans face? What is the reason for the sixth mass extinction? And what are the five major extinctions that the earth has experienced before? In this video, the ball boy will take everyone to explore these”terrible” era of mass extinction.

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Biological extinction is the extinction of organisms. This process often It is done gradually. The mass extinction refers to the mass extinction of organisms on a large scale. Whole families or whole orders, or even whole classes of organisms, may disappear completely within a short period of time when the organisms become extinct. Even if some of them are lucky to survive, it is a rare occurrence. In the process of group extinction, all species in the entire sub-member, no matter what position they are in the food chain, will not be spared from this catastrophe. And often multiple groups of organisms are extinct at the same time, but there are often some groups that are lucky to live Later, some other taxa will be born at this node, and they will gradually multiply and develop.

The earth first experienced the mass extinction, about span> was at the end of Ordovician 440 million years ago. That mass extinction directly caused the earth About 85%of the species disappeared. This time the species extinction was caused by the global coldness of climate.

The Earth the second time experiencing mass extinction, was probably in the late Devonian period 365 million years ago. Vertebrate species during this period were very prosperous. The main reason for the second extinction was ocean retreat and global climate change Caused by cold. In the entire late Devonian extinction event, 50%of the genera and 19%of the families were extinct.

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EarthThe third mass extinctionIt was about the end of the Permian and the Mesozoic Triassic, when 96%of the marine life on the earth and 70%of the Land vertebrates all became extinct. It is inferred that this time the biological extinction may be mainly caused by the super volcanic eruption, the change of sea level and the impact on the world at that time.

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Permian-Triassic extinction event

Let’s talk about it again Let’s talk about the Earth’s fourth time experiencing the mass extinction. This time it happened between the Late Triassic and the Jurassic, about 200 million years ago. This extinction event directly caused half of the time. The above species became extinct.

Let’s talk about the fifth mass extinction experienced by the earth. This mass extinction occurred in the Mesozoic During the Cretaceous Period and the Cenozoic Era, this event directly led to the extinction of the dinosaurs that once ruled the earth. At that time, most of the Animals and plants have disappeared as a result. As for the cause of this mass extinction, most scientists believe that it was caused by a volcanic eruption or an asteroid hitting the earth.

Now, according to scientists’ speculation, due to the relentless cannibalization of humans As a result, the earth’s life support system was severely damaged, and the extinction rate of mammals and birds was increased by hundreds or even thousands of times. Since 1600, 724 species of higher animals and plants have been extinct, and among these 724 species of animals and plants, basically all have been extinct before human beings knew it.

According to a rough estimate of scientists, in the past 400 years, the area where animal creatures can live has shrunk by 90%, and species has been reduced by half as a result. On the other hand, we humans, the number of humans on the earth has doubled in the past 35 years, so we humans and all other creatures on the earth are about to face the sixth mass extinction, or it can be said that the current earth Has entered the sixth era of mass extinction.

What is humanity facing now? Let’s look again at the facts that we humans are facing today. That is the extreme climate problem.

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From the previous five mass extinctions, we can also It was discovered that extreme weather is an important factor leading to the extinction of organisms. Now the extreme climate is sweeping the entire earth. The well-known Australian fire has caused extremely serious damage to animals and plants. It can be said that this fire has already affected billions of animals. It has an impact, and for those endangered species, it is even worse. There is also the green snow event Everest growing grass, the north and south poles of red snow, etc. These extreme climates have reminded humans time and time again that the catastrophic problem facing the earth today is the climate problem, and we can also take these extremes The weather is regarded as a signal for the earth to ask for help from mankind, because if mankind does not change and does not pay attention to environmental issues, this phenomenon will really lead the entire planet to extinction gradually. Now, the phenomenon of global warming is still happening, and it is getting more and more serious. In the past year, the global average temperature has even reached the historical extreme.

The extreme weather events we mentioned earlier may be just the tip of the iceberg, because after the earth’s temperature rises, the Arctic and Antarctic regions are gradually exposed. More and more problems, such as ancient creatures continue to re-emerge on the earth Appeared on. And behind this phenomenon, there may be a bigger opportunity hidden, that is the Siberian wide-mouth jar virus, this virus is an ancient virus. Its infectiousness is extremely strong. Found in permafrost, this virus has survived in permafrost for more than 30,000 years, and after people discovered this virus, it still maintains extremely strong vitality, and it has no infectivity and lethality at all. Weakening, this is undoubtedly a thing that scares all mankind.

Furthermore, we can also think of this that this Siberian broad mouth can virus is just a kind of extremely infectious and extremely lethal virus that we humans have found in the permafrost. Are there many similar viruses in the unknown permafrost? Once these viruses appear, it may be a disaster for humans and other animals on the earth. Therefore, behind the peaceful surface of the earth we see now, there are actually huge threats hidden. We humans must Make changes to protect the environment, otherwise one day we will personally push ourselves and other creatures into the abyss due to changes in the ecosystem.

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Siberian Broadmouth Jar Virus

Besides the environment, it causes the earth There are many reasons for the sixth mass extinction. For example, the emergence of humans has also affected the natural evolution of the creatures on the earth. Changed the extinction rate of these creatures, and also changed the evolutionary laws of these creatures. For more than 3 billion years, living things on the earth have been following the laws of natural evolution, that is,”natural selection of things, survival of the fittest”. The survival of living things is not something that can be controlled by people, but what they are now The”biological revolution” that took place broke this law abruptly, forced the original purification rules of living things to be changed, and even the evolution of living things was designed by people. For example, Agricultural Revolution, we artificially plant Crops have changed their numbers under natural conditions. We also choose better-quality crops and continue to improve the varieties of crops. This is actually the < span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”789547″ qid=”6539138460047906052″>A break from the original laws of nature.

As far as all human beings do to nature, the agricultural revolution can only be regarded as the tip of the iceberg. There are also bionics, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, which will bring a real life to nature.”Biological revolution”, then everyone thinks that while we are seeking development, it is worth pursuing advancements in science and technology at the expense of destroying the original laws of nature?

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