The employment of the disabled in Lanzhou tends to be individualized: the pursuit of “poetry and distance”

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China News Service, Lanzhou, May 16 (Yan Jiao, Gao Ying) “Although we are physically disabled, we have the right to pursue poetry and distance, and to jump high to touch our dreams.” Gao Yanjun hovered at the job fair for the disabled. Among the companies, I scanned the jobs carefully.

Gao Yanjun, 28, is a native of Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. Due to his congenital disability, with the help of community workers, he has successively worked in food factories and hot pot restaurants. At the 31st “National Day for the Disabled” in Lanzhou City and a special job fair for the employment of the disabled in Gansu Province, he used this “springboard” to find a more suitable job for his family and his long-term plans.

On the day of the job fair, more than 100 companies from Gansu Province provided more than 3100 jobs. The staff of the Employment Center of the Chengguan District Disabled Persons’ Federation said that people with difficulties in finding employment and registered unemployed persons with disabilities in the jurisdiction participated in the job fair. A total of 307 resumes were delivered, 111 people reached employment intentions with companies, and 43 people signed on-site contracts.

In an interview with a reporter from Chinanews.com, Kong Lingli, party secretary and chairman of the Lanzhou Disabled The rescue rehabilitation program for disabled people from 0 to 6 years old was extended to 0 to 17 years old, and a series of “combined punches” were played to enhance the happiness of the disabled in Lanzhou.

The employment of the disabled in Lanzhou tends to be individualized: the pursuit of “poetry and distance”


p >The picture shows a disabled person in Lanzhou City performing a fan dance in a wheelchair. Photo by Yan Jiao

Kong Lingli said that in the theme party day activities, the Lanzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation closely focused on “I do practical work for the disabled”, sending assistive devices, training, skills, and skills to the disabled. Security knowledge, delivery of rights protection and other business work, make the network and platform of security and service easier and wider.

During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, a total of 192,000 disabled people in Lanzhou shared the fruitful results of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and all 12,059 disabled people achieved the goal of poverty alleviation; 53417 disabled people enjoyed various rehabilitation services. The coverage rate of basic rehabilitation services for the disabled and the adaptation rate of assistive devices for the disabled reached 96.79% and 97.54%, respectively.

Zhao Weimin, who lives in Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, suffers from a disability and has limited mobility. Home employment has become his job search demand. Recently, through the Lanzhou Disabled Persons’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Network Service Platform, he easily connected to suitable enterprises with the help of the Internet. “My legs and feet are inconvenient, and it can save a lot of troubles on the Internet, which is very convenient.” He said.

Kong Lingli said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Lanzhou City will continue to improve and upgrade various protection measures for the disabled, and make great efforts in the precision and individualization of services for the disabled.

It is understood that the event was hosted by the Disabled Workers Committee of the Gansu Provincial Government and the Disabled Workers Committee of the Lanzhou Municipal Government, undertaken by the Gansu Disabled Persons’ Federation and Lanzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation, and co-organized by the Chengguan District Disabled People’s Federation and the Chengguan District Education Bureau , The site also opened areas for disability policy publicity, free clinics, and handicrafts display. (End)