The first anniversary of Freud’s death

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China News Service, May 25th. According to a report by the American Overseas Chinese News Network, May 25th marks the first anniversary of the death of Freud, an African American man. The Associated Press reported that Freud’s death severely damaged Minnesota’s reputation on racial issues. Until now, residents of the state are still debating whether the situation has changed, or will it change?

The first anniversary of Freud’s death


p > In May 2020 local time, when the white policeman Xiao Wan arrested Freud, an African-American man, he knelt for 9 minutes and caused Freud’s death. The video of Freud dying calling for help saying “I can’t breathe” triggered mass protests across the United States.

According to the Associated Press, Minnesota has a reputation of “Minnesota Nice”, but this seemingly polite feeling has long concealed the country’s worst ethnicity. Differences, especially in employment, housing and education.

African-American activist Anderson regards Freud’s tragedy as an opportunity to repair the foundations of American society, but now he doubts whether Minnesota, which has a reputation for progress, can be at the forefront in this regard. .

He said: “Minnesota has the ability, skills and wisdom to do better, but this is more hurtful. If there is a state that can set an example in this regard, it should be Minnesota.”

Myers, director of the Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social Justice at the University of Minnesota, spent several years documenting what he called the “Minnesota Paradox.”

Minnesota has high-level education, world-class healthcare, shopping destinations such as the Mall of America, and companies such as 3M, Best Buy, and Target. All these conditions make Minnesota an ideal place to live for white residents, but Myers also documented what is different for many African-American residents.

For example, the statewide high school graduation rate in 2019 was close to 84%, but the graduation rate of African-American students was less than 70%; a 2013 report showed that the state’s residential housing ownership rate was nearly 73%. The proportion of African-American residents is only 26%; in 2019, the median income of white households across the state was US$77,000, while that of African-American households was US$42,000.

State Rep. Thompson said: “When they are saying that Nisota is suitable for everyone, it doesn’t include me.” Like many Africans in Minnesota, Thompson has also experienced being stopped by the police for no reason. The story of getting off the vehicle.

San Jose State University’s Department of Social Sciences, James Jacobs, said: “’Minnesota-style friendliness’ refers to the weather or some other superficial things, but it is difficult to talk about things that cause disagreements. ”

After the Freud tragedy, this situation began to change, and ordinary Minnesota people began to engage in dialogue about these issues. But Jacobs said how much change it will bring, and the extent of the change is unknown.

The pastor of the Mayflower Church in Minneapolis, Campbell, said that Freud’s death triggered a “deep soul exploration” in her progressive and predominantly white community. She said that through this incident, some people began to realize the privileges, hidden prejudices and injustices in the state’s economy and education system.

Thompson and other African-American state legislators elected after the Freud tragedy said that Minnesota still has a long way to go in this regard. Just look at the police accountability legislation, which has stalled because of opposition from the Republican Party.

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