“The Four Trainings of the Fan”:Accepting the destiny of life and pursuing the variables of life

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There is a saying in”Zeng Guang Xian Wen”:”Sometimes fate must end, fate There is no time to ask for it.”

Many people believe that in the face of the flood of destiny, everyone can only follow the tide and cannot do anything.

In fact, fate and luck are different concepts. Fate is an irreversible definite number. The moment we are born, fate determines the general direction of life. Someone struggles for a lifetime and can’t achieve what others have at birth. This is fate.

Fortune is a variable that turns things around, that is to say, you can live in different postures on the established track, and even change the trajectory of life.

In life, we must not only accept the destiny of destiny, but also pursue the variables of life.

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– 01 –

Knowing fate, not recognizing fate

During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, a young man class=”entity-word” data-gid=”17920889″>Ciyun Temple met an old man with a fairy style.

The old man said:”My surname is Kong, and I am the descendant of Emperor Shao Kangjie in the Song Dynasty.”

The young people ask the old people to predict the future and destiny of their lives.

The old man began to build a coffin for his life:which place in a certain year will be tested in a certain year Gongsheng, with no children under his knees, died at the age of 53.

After that, many things were fulfilled one by one. In his own words,”He has calculated it for twenty years and has never turned a bit.”

While lamenting the magic of Emperor Jishu, he also thought sadly:” It seems that everything is destined, no matter how hard it is, it will not be useful.”

Since then, his heart is dead, he doesn’t read books, and sits all day long.

Until, he met a strange man who changed his outlook on destiny——Yungu Zen Master .

The Zen Master Yungu listened to his views on fate and laughed:

“I thought you were a hero, but you were just Ordinary people. As long as people are not unintentional, how can they be bound by destiny?” (People cannot be unintentional, but they are ultimately bound by Yin and Yang and have countless peaces?)

The young man was surprised and asked:”Can fate be changed?”

Zen Master Yungu said:”My life is for my life, and I ask for the blessings. If you reflect on yourself, do good and accumulate virtue, you will naturally enjoy blessings in the future. ”

The young people practiced by themselves and accumulated yin virtues. As a result, the official luck has been prosperous, which has long exceeded the original pattern.

Time is passing by. The young man is 69 years old and has a son with luxuriant branches and leaves.

He sighed:”Blessing and misfortune are only Destiny is a secular theory; misfortune Seeking for yourself is the way of sages.”

The protagonist of the counterattack in life is the famous Yuan LefanMr..

Fate number is in the sky, and transported in both hands.

So, the best way to treat fate is to”know your fate” instead of”recognizing fate.”

Our future depends on what choices and actions we have made now. We can still master and create our own destiny.

As long as you refuse to admit your fate, everything is possible.

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– 02 –

Do your best and obey the fate

Coincidentally, there was an old man named Zeng Yuping in the Qing Dynasty. He does not believe in feng shui, he does not believe in scholars, but only believes that man can conquer the sky.

He was a street gangster when he was young, and an old man made fun of him:”You, you will definitely be a prodigal in the future.”

He was greatly stimulated, so he worked hard and thrifty to manage the house, creating a distance Well-known well-known family.

Zeng Yuping lamented that he didn’t study hard when he was young, so he began to write his dreams and put it on his son Zeng Guolin.

Unfortunately, Zeng Guolin’s talent was too low. He didn’t pass the child test, become a Xiu Cai.

Fortunately, Zeng Yuping also has a grandson who can read very well——Zeng Guofan.

Zeng Guofan entered the private school at the age of 6, and read Four Books and Five Classics at the age of 14.”Zhou Li””History“.

Zeng Yuping looked in his eyes and was enraged, thinking that Zeng Guofan would soon be able to pass the Fame, Guangzong Yaozu.

Fate made a joke to the Zeng family again. Zeng Guofan took 5 child tests and failed 5 times.

The frequently disappointed and stubborn Zeng Guofan refused to admit defeat. He summarized the shortcomings of his reading method and worked hard again.

Finally, Zeng Guofan was admitted as a talent in the seventh children’s test, and after that he became a juren /span>, Jinshi, and enter Hanlin Academy.

In”Wai Lu Night Talk” it is said:”Although the opportunity of prosperity and decline is related to the luck, but the heart is worthy of all people; the principle of life and destiny is very subtle, and the lecturer must seek its practicality.”.

It means that prosperity or decline is related to the fate of the aura, but people who are interested must demand perfection in personnel matters.

Simply put in six words:”Do your best and obey the fate.”

Even if we don’t know where our destiny will go in the future, we are not passively”obeying the destiny”, but we must”do our best” before we can talk about”obeying the destiny”.

To do everything is a process of struggle, a process of hard work, a process of changing fate with sweat, a process of changing reality with courage, and a process of striving to make the outcome develop as planned.

But”it is in heaven, and it is in people”. There are many uncontrollable things in life, and there are always things that are difficult to control and helpless.

At this time, full blame is not required. As long as you have a clear conscience, you should accept it frankly, that is, obey the fate.

A person who can do his best and listen to the destiny can advance and retreat, be diligent and enterprising when entering, and be safe when retreating.

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– 03 –

Fate is made by yourself, luck is made by itself

Too many people believe in fatalism, they I always believe that those who succeed are because of good resources and good luck.

In fact, most of those shining people did not get the favor of the god of destiny.

Some time ago, the doctor of Chinese Academy of Sciences Huang Guoping touched countless netizens in the thanks section of the paper.

On the surface, he studied at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and worked in the Tencent Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He is a proper winner in life.

His words of thanks tear apart his glorious coat.

Huang Guoping was born in a small valley in Sichuan, 12-year-old mother left home, 17-year-old The father died.

I am alone and surrounded by family members. He knows that only reading is the way out.

In order to make money, he risked being chased by a dog and bitten by a snake by catching the eel and selling it;

In order to read, he lights a kerosene lamp and does his homework under the dim light.

No one knows how many times he was called out by the teacher because of arrears in tuition fees. Classroom Interview.

No one knows how many times he stepped on the hot road in summer, and how many times he was shivered by the cold winter wind.

He can survive, not because God is beautiful, but because of a belief:reading changes fate.

Fate, may be the worst screenwriter, who writes your life in a mess.

But you can be the best actor and create a new world outside of the destined background.

Mencius said:”If you do it without knowing it, you learn it without observing it, and those who don’t know the way for life will be the same.”

I did it but I don’t know why I did it. I am used to it but I don’t know why. I follow this path all my life, but I don’t know what it is. Such people are the vast majority of ordinary people.

Mr. Liao Fan was such a person before he met Zen Master Yungu.

Although he learned about his destiny from Mr. Kong, he didn’t know why this happened. He simply did not strive for anything, and let the flow go according to what should happen in the destiny. Go down.

Fortunately, I met Zen Master Yungu, and Yuan Lifan’s destiny has reached a turning point again.

The writer Shi Tiesheng said:”The limitations of destiny can be forever, an unyielding challenge But it is indispensable.”

Even if there are definite numbers, we must have the courage and wisdom to pursue variables. You just work hard to do your personal affairs and listen to the destiny of heaven to make your own arrangements.

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– 04 –

< p data-track=”145″>“Xunzi:Honor and Disgrace” says:”Those who know themselves do not blame others, those who know fate do not blame heaven .”

Everyone is affected by fate, and at the same time is the master of fate.

When bad luck comes, don’t accept your fate, because your fate is in your hands.

After the pain of the dark night, the dawn of dawn will appear before you.