The friendship between Pakistani overseas Chinese and overseas students from Xinjiang and their relatives in Xinjiang

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China News Service, Urumqi, May 28 (Gou Jipeng) “As an overseas Chinese in Pakistan, I am deeply proud and proud. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese government has done a lot for us. No matter where I am, I will help China Contribute to the development of China and the friendship between China and Pakistan.” On the 27th, Sigaaiti Aili, President of the Pakistan Chinese Youth Overseas Chinese Friendship Association, said.

On the same day, the Xinjiang Overseas Friendship Association organized more than 20 representatives of Pakistani Xinjiang overseas Chinese and overseas students to hold a video conference with more than 30 relatives of overseas Chinese in Xinjiang. Sijia Aiti Aili is one of them. He also talks with his son Xueke Lait Aili Sijia Aiti on the cloud through a video connection. Xuekeliti Aili Sijiaaiti replied: “Dad, my football skills have improved a lot and I have made a lot of friends. Everything is fine at home, don’t miss it.”

The friendship between Pakistani overseas Chinese and overseas students from Xinjiang and their relatives in Xinjiang

Pakistan, Xinjiang overseas Chinese and foreign students Talk to the relatives of overseas Chinese in Xinjiang via video connection “cloud”. Photo by Gou Jipeng

At the symposium, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong introduced the situation of Xinjiang overseas Chinese and overseas students in Pakistan, especially providing them with epidemic prevention consultation, epidemic prevention materials, and epidemic prevention knowledge during the epidemic. Pu Xuemei, president of the Xinjiang Overseas Friendship Association, introduced to Xinjiang overseas Chinese and overseas students the historical achievements of Xinjiang’s overall social stability, stable and healthy economic development, continuous improvement in people’s livelihood security, unity and progress of all ethnic groups, and full protection of freedom of religious belief in recent years. I hope they have the opportunity to go home and take a look.

Li Junli, who lives in Shihezi City, Xinjiang, has worked in Pakistan as a public teacher for 4 years. She said: “2020 is the most touching and longest year for me. Affected by the epidemic, our work and life have become difficult. But there is a strong motherland behind me, which has given us a lot of support and help. I feel that a strong motherland is the confidence of each of our overseas Chinese in work and life.”

Li Junli’s father Li Yinxiang also told her about the changes in hometown through video. Li Yinxiang said: “Junli, you have not returned home for more than two years. Great changes have taken place in your hometown. A convenient night market, cultural palace and movie theater have been built. Last year, our cotton production was high and income was good. Now we have grown cotton. Mechanized operations have been realized, and almost no manpower is required from planting to harvesting.” Pu Xuemei said that a prosperous and strong motherland is a strong backing for overseas Chinese. Xinjiang Overseas Friendship Association will continue to pay attention to Pakistani Xinjiang overseas Chinese, International students, to create more opportunities for them to communicate with relatives and friends in Xinjiang. (End)