The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”

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Although a group of seven (G7) foreign ministers’ meeting has ended in London, a “rhythmic” joint statement aimed at China and Russia made the “G7+ Group” (except for the G7, Australia, South Korea, India) Other countries were also invited to participate in the conference) not only failed to achieve the original intention of discrediting China, but was once again despised by Western scholars and rejected by the international community.

The G7 foreign ministers’ meeting, which was supposed to discuss a basket of issues on its own, still put China, which has nothing to do with the G7, at the core of the discussion. After the meeting, a joint statement of more than 12,400 words was issued on issues concerning Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and the South China Sea, and once again played the “human rights card” to slander China for “violating and trampling on human rights.”

The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”

△ Seven Kingdoms The scene of the group’s foreign ministers’ meeting with a transparent partition

The day after the G7 statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin strongly condemned and responded forcefully. He pointed out, “As a group of developed countries, the G7 should do more to promote world economic recovery and help developing countries accelerate development, rather than creating contradictions and differences in the international community and disrupting the process of global economic recovery.”

Wang Wenbin said, “The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries will make unfounded accusations against China, openly intervene in China’s internal affairs, and engage in group politics that reverses history. This is a gross interference in China’s sovereignty and international relations. The wanton destruction of the standards goes against the trend of the times of peace, development, cooperation and win-win.”

The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”(1)

△Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin speaks at a regular press conference

In fact, what the West has done to the G7 Scholars have sharp eyes, and they dare to speak out of justice.

On the day when the G7 Joint Statement was released, Martin Jacques, a well-known British scholar, posted on social media about major Western countries’ attempts to use the G7 stage to mobilize countries in the Indo-Pacific region to carry out a full-scale encirclement of China. Du made a bitter criticism and relentless accusation.

The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”(2)

△Martin· Jacques accepted an exclusive interview with a headquarter reporter

Martin Jacques said, “Goodbye, the Group of Seven! Once ruled the world, but now its influence is declining. If you are dissatisfied with the current decline, you should blame China. You should Responsible for your own failure! Treat China with more respect and treat each other as equals. Treat the achievements of 1.4 billion Chinese people with more respect!”

Jacques then questioned, “Seven The Group of Nations is clamoring to maintain international order, and why is it accusing China? Because China has repeatedly fulfilled its promises to the people, while Western governments have repeatedly violated their pledges to the people. This is the root cause of their decline in national power.”

The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”(3)

△Martin· Screenshot of Jacques’ social media

Jacques pointed out in an exclusive interview with a headquarter reporter: “I think it is the Western capitalist system that is in deep trouble. This may depend to a large extent on its relationship with other countries in the world. The unequal relationship between the two countries. With the end of colonialism and the national liberation of developing countries, it is more important that they stand with China to varying degrees. In the entire international system, these countries are competing with the West. In the process of dealings, the right to speak becomes more and more powerful. The West can no longer use hegemonic means, political intervention means, or even military intervention means to force these countries to yield to their own wishes.”</ p>

Jacques believes that the most significant thing in human history in the past century is the global decolonization, that is, the colonial liberation movement. “It may be difficult to remember these historical events now, but there are about 190 countries that did not exist on the world map before 1945. These developing countries now account for about 85% of the global population. They are leading the most in a century of history. A major world change.”

Mr. Jacques pointedly pointed out that there is a serious systemic crisis in Western capitalism. It has been suspended for many years: “I think there is a systemic crisis in the West. At least since 1980. Since then, especially after the 2008 financial crisis, the operation of Western capitalism has ceased to be effective, and it can no longer improve people’s actual living standards. Indeed, many problems are real. I think it is the United Kingdom now. In terms of the actual situation, it is generally unable to reach the level of 2007 (before the economic crisis). It has been 14 years, a long time ago. I think there is a deep crisis in Western capitalism. This is absolutely true.”

The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”(4)

△British famous Scholar Martin Jacques

For the future, Jacques predicts that the “Belt and Road” initiative is an important part of China’s current foreign relations. It actually reflects “building bridges and roads instead of digging trenches and walls” A kind of multilateral win-win values. The world order, rules, and value system established after 1945 are likely to be replaced or changed by it.

Member of the European Parliament Mick Wallace (Mick Wallace) made an in-depth analysis of the peaceful development of China’s “never aggression, never bombs, never sanctions other countries” in his speech in the parliament on May 5th. The course has denounced the weak development foundation of the West.

Wallace said, “China has just completed the greatest poverty reduction plan in human history; while in the West, the number of homeless people has reached a record high. China is building various foundations. Facilities and public service projects; but we are still dreaming here. As far as international issues are concerned, whether it is global climate response or the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, China is better than the West.”

Finally, Wallace gave his own conclusion: “We should choose to cooperate and coexist peacefully with China, which is in the interests of European development.”

The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”(5)

Screenshot of △Mick Wallace’s social media

Western media with a conscience, for The clamor of the G7 not only did not wave the flag and shout, but instead carried out a direct refutation of the soul.

On the eve of the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting, the European media “EU Observer” published a review article on its website “It’s time to abandon G7, it is a historical relic”.

The G7 Foreign Minister’s Statement “Brings Rhythm” but “Does Not Take the People’s Heart”(6)

△《EU Screenshot of the title of the review article on the Observer” website

The article pointed out that the revival of G7 or the establishment of D10 (G7+ Australia, South Korea, India) will only intensify more conflicts and divisions in a divided world, “too many G7 members and some participating guests are not qualified to preach to others on the rule of law, respect for minorities and freedom of the press.”

The conclusion part of the article emphasizes that G7 was established in the 1970s, and the world today is no longer interested in watching a handful of countries play this “demonstration and preaching” game, “the confidence of China’s rise , Courage and financial strength have changed the global balance of power.”

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