The Indonesian military will assist in the implementation of the country’s vaccination plan

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China News Service, Jakarta, May 4 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) Indonesian Army Chief of Staff Andika (Andika) said at the Army headquarters on the 4th that the Indonesian Army medical staff will assist the country’s health department in vaccinating the new crown to help the country Implementation of the vaccination plan.

Andika, who is also the vice chairman of Indonesia’s National Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Recovery Committee, made the above remarks after the army headquarters discussed the implementation of the vaccination plan with the country’s Minister of Health, Sadikin.

The Indonesian military will assist in the implementation of the country’s vaccination plan


p >On March 22, Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga (second from left) inspected the vaccinations of employees at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. Photo by Ye Lu issued by China News Agency

Sadikin went to the army headquarters to visit Andika and said that on behalf of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, he requested the army headquarters to send medical personnel to assist in the vaccination of the new crown vaccine.

On the previous day, Sadikin notified Indonesia that 16 cases of mutated new coronaviruses were first discovered in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and India. Among them, two cases were found in Jakarta recently infected with the B.1.617 double mutant virus found in India. Earlier, one case was found in Bali infected with the B.1.351 mutant virus found in South Africa; 13 cases were found in multiple provinces with the B.1.1.7 mutant virus found in the UK.

Indonesia is trying to control the epidemic by speeding up the new crown vaccination, but its vaccination speed is not satisfactory. In the nearly four months since the national vaccination plan was launched on January 13, less than 12.5 million people have received the first dose of vaccine, and fewer than 7.7 million people have received the second dose of vaccine. Nearly 182 million people are far from being vaccinated.

Indonesia officially announced on the afternoon of the 4th that there were 4,369 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia that day, and a total of 1,686,373 confirmed cases; 188 new deaths and a total of 46,137 deaths. (End)