The United States will follow the riots: the former acting secretary of defense said that he was afraid of sending troops to be regarded as a “coup”

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China News Service, May 13th. According to a report by Qiaobao.com, on the 12th local time, former U.S. Acting Secretary of Defense Miller testified before Congress that he did not send troops when the mob attacked the Capitol on January 6. I went to the Capitol because I was worried that this move would encourage people’s perception that former President Trump might launch a “military coup.”

The United States will follow the riots: the former acting secretary of defense said that he was afraid of sending troops to be regarded as a “coup”


p > According to reports, Miller said that he insisted on the correctness of his written testimony that Trump “encouraged” the mob’s attack on the Capitol. But he told the House Oversight and Reform Committee that Trump’s January 6 remarks were not the only cause of the riots.

His testimony is part of a lengthy defense of that incident by the Pentagon. The riot on January 6, 2021 was the worst attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812.

Miller tried to describe his behavior as respecting the legitimate rights of the protesters, when he was unwilling to authorize the use of more military forces to intervene. He also told lawmakers that Trump did not hinder the use of the National Guard.

But he also testified that Trump did not call him when the attack occurred. He also said that he had spoken to the then Vice President Pence. The latter had no command and was in the Capitol at the time of the attack.

In the days following the attack, the Pentagon did not explain why it feared being regarded as a military coup. District of Columbia officials, the former chief of the Congressional Police and the Republican governor of Maryland have all stated that they had requested the deployment of the National Guard several hours before the Pentagon approved it.

Several Democrats severely reprimanded Miller, saying that he was too slow to deploy the National Guard. Illinois Democrat Rep. Krishnamosi questioned: “You left without permission, Mr. Minister. You are part of the cause of this chaos.” California Democrat Rep. Connor asked Miller if he was willing to do it for himself. “Incompetent” apologized.

Miller said: “I am willing to take responsibility for every decision I make on January 6.”

At the hearing, the Democratic Party also urged Miller and the former deputy justice Secretary Rosen explained why there was such a “clear difference” between the Defense Department and the Justice Department in responding to the “black life is also life” protests and the Capitol riots in the summer of 2021.

The chairman of the committee and the Democratic Rep. Maloney of New York said in the opening statement of the hearing: “The incident of January 6 has exceeded the bottom line. The federal government is not prepared for this, although this incident It was planned publicly on social media, and the world has noticed. Although our government can use all military and law enforcement resources in a crisis, the security system collapsed in the face of the mob. After the Capitol was hacked, The reinforcements were delayed for several hours.”

During the questioning, Rosen confirmed that there was “no evidence” that there was a large-scale fraud that might affect the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, rebutting Trump. False claims. But he refused to answer some questions that he claimed violated the lawyer-client confidentiality privilege, including whether Trump urged him to try to overturn the election results.