These 10 words, the Tao is the end of life

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There is a saying:”If you don’t listen to the elderly, you will suffer .”

The words of the elderly often have a certain amount of experience and experience, which can bring people a certain amount of help, lead people to the right path, and develop themselves better.

But many people in life don’t believe in the wisdom of old people or ancient people. Because they think these people are long gone, their ideas are no longer applicable.

Actually, there are some laws, or some ideas, that are applicable in ancient and modern times. As long as we can grasp it, we will eventually have a certain sense.

I like this sentence very much. It is a wise man who integrates the wisdom of the ancients and transforms the talents of today.

People who can integrate the excellent wisdom of the ancients and make their talents go further, regardless of their mediocre qualifications, can become wise men.

On the other hand, why are so many people living more and more painful, even unable to see through, don’t you understand?

One of the most important reasons is that these people lack a certain amount of wisdom, no epiphany, and fail to see the essence of life.

So, let us remember these 10 the most famous quotes, I believe it can give you insight into life and get rid of your inner Distress.

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01. Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts Knock on the door

A person, why is he always easily distressed, either here is afraid of murder, or there is afraid of peopleWhat about revenge?

Actually, because this person did something against his conscience, he became Uneasy, the inner heart demon gradually strengthens and becomes uncontrollable.

If we want to calm our hearts and get rid of the demons, the most important thing we have to do is to uphold the”kindness” of the heart. Even if we are in a difficult situation, we must not have crooked thoughts. .

Heaven, After all, only flies for good people, not for Heinous unscrupulous persons.

02. Sometimes fate must be there, fate All the timeDon’t force it

In this life, how much money you can earn, how much rice you can eat, and how many Chinese clothes you can wear. There is a fixed number.

This kind of definite number may have been destined since you were born.

There are some things, since they cannot be changed, we will not change them. In some cases, since it is doomed, accept it frankly.

People, as long as they can Let the flow go, don’t get too entangled, after all Live this life well.

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03. Good food and clothing, good rest, There is a ephemeral in the world

In this world, why do some people, who are rich and powerful, have no worries about food and clothing, still feel painful to live?

Because they are not satisfied, there is no one satisfaction with Changle heart.

People live forever, grass and trees for autumn. No matter how much you get, how much you benefit, the final result is nothing but dust return loess.

So, as long as you eat well and sleep well, that’s enough. For the rest, as long as you try your best, you will have no guilt.

04. It depends on people to seek things, and things happen in heaven

When we were young, we always thought that as long as If you have the ability, you can change the world as long as you work hard.

But when we are at a certain age, we understand that we cannot change the world, we can only change our hearts.

To succeed, hard work alone is not enough. It also depends on the time, location, and harmony of people.

So, do your best to do your part. As for the future, it can only be arranged by God.

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05. Stay in the green hills without worry No firewood

As long as a person is still alive, as long as the life is still alive, then he has a chance to come back again.

Because there is only one life. This life can make you accomplish many great careers.

However, once the health is gone and life is gone, everything we humans get will disappear.

People, taking care of their own health and protecting their lives are continuing their own value.

06. There will be no fish when the water is clear, and there will be no friends when people are in sight

No matter in the workplace In life, in fact, there is a kind of person who is not sleek.

This kind of people are those who are too entangled and hard to tolerate the eyessand people.

A person who can’t tolerate sand in their eyes, they are exhausted after all, and it is difficult to get close to anyone.

You must know that this is a world of both good and evil after all. Everyone has both sides of good and evil, and it is impossible to demand too much.

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07. The tiger is close and familiar Unbearable

In this world, who do you think is better for you outsiders and relatives?

Actually, no one will be nice to you. Even your relatives, they all want you to be unlucky quickly and become desolate as soon as possible.

Be aware that the closer you are to you, the more likely you are to fall into trouble when you are in difficulty.

Except for your parents, no one will treat you sincerely.

08. Real brothers with money and wine, have you ever seen someone in trouble?

Money is a person’s ability symbol of.

Wealthy people will have a lot of friends around them. They never lack contacts, and they never lack subordinates. Why? Just because they have money.

Those who have no money will eventually lose everything, including family, friendship, and careers that they value.

In the future life, make more money and save more money, you can enjoy a good life and live happily.

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09. Everything in Futian, stay within the square inch


All the troubles in life stem from the narrower heart.

When you encounter misery, you always think that God owes yourself. Therefore, you always complain, always blame others.

As everyone knows, all happiness in this world is related to your heart.

If you let your heart relax, you will be born into the sun. If your heart is dark, you can only be swallowed by the abyss.

10. There is nothing in the world, but things come along.

Unsatisfactory things in life actually account for ten Of eighty-nine.

In nine out of ten, no matter how hard you struggle, it is actually useless. Because an imperfect life is real.

Regardless of whether life is perfect or not, we must know how to behave naturally, cherish the people in front of us, and cherish everything we have.

Only people can understand Grateful, know how to cherish, know how to live At the moment, people can reap happiness and not live in pain all day long.

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