Thousands of Australian football fans need to self-isolate

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China News Service, May 26. According to “Central News Agency”, a fan who had watched a match in Melbourne, Australia, was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. Thousands of fans who were present at the time had been told to self-quarantine and Accept the new coronavirus test. Currently, Melbourne is struggling to avoid falling into the fate of another lockdown.

According to reports, the new crown epidemic in Melbourne, Australia has recently returned. 15 people have been diagnosed, including a fan who had been to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch the match. The match on the 23rd attracted more than 23,000 people. Watch the battle.

Thousands of Australian football fans need to self-isolate

On April 12, local time, surfers were surrounded by waves at Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia.

The Australian Football League (AFL) said that thousands of fans sitting near the confirmed person must self-isolate before confirming that the screening result is negative. Health officials are reviewing closed-circuit television screens to determine Are there other people affected?

According to reports, several Australian Rugby League matches in Melbourne are currently allowed to be held as scheduled. Fans attending the matches are estimated to reach 85% of the stadium, but government officials have warned that public events may face new challenges. limit.

The Acting Governor of Victoria, James Merlino, said: “We are concerned about the number and locations of people exposed to the epidemic. If there are any further changes, the next 24 hours will be crucial.”


It is reported that New Zealand has suspended the isolation-free travel measures with Victoria. This is the fourth time the Australia-New Zealand “tourism bubble” has been disrupted since its launch in April.

Prior to this, Victoria had not seen any local cases for about 3 months, and the new wave of epidemics is believed to be related to travelers who were infected while returning from overseas and were isolated in hotels.