Trump “blasted” New York prosecutors: not cracking down on public security crimes, only against me!

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Chinanews.com, May 20. According to the US Chinese website, on the evening of the 18th local time, the Attorney General of the State of New York and the District Attorney of New York City announced that they are working together on the company of former US President Trump. Criminal investigation. On the 19th local time, Trump issued a long statement, lashing out at the prosecution, saying that the Democrats suppressed themselves for political purposes.

Trump “blasted” New York prosecutors: not cracking down on public security crimes, only against me!

According to reports, in this statement, Trump detailed his own governing achievements and lashed out at the Democrats. The statement said, “I have built a great company, employing thousands of people, and what I get is being unfairly attacked and suppressed by a corrupt political system.”

The statement also Alleged that he lowered taxes, simplified regulations and rebuilt the army during his administration.

Reported that the New York Attorney General’s Office stated on the evening of the 18th local time that it was discussing criminal charges against Trump with the Manhattan District Attorney.

Levy, a spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office, said in a statement, “We have notified the Trump Group that our investigation into the group is no longer purely civil in nature.”

According to reports, Manhattan District Attorney Vance obtained Trump’s tax returns in February, and New York Attorney General James has conducted a civil investigation of the Trump Organization in the past year, focusing on Investigate whether the company has exaggerated the value of its assets to attract investors and favorable loan conditions.

These two investigations are partly derived from the testimony of Trump’s former personal lawyer and ally Cohen in Congress. He pleaded guilty to various fraud and campaign finance charges in 2018. Complete defiance.

In response to this, in a statement on the 19th, Trump referred to Cohen as a “scumbag” and stated that James and Vance were both for political reasons and used their right to sue to harass he.

Trump also pointed out in his statement that “this is the continuation of the largest political witch hunt in American history, and this is the purpose of these investigations.”

The statement stated, “These Democrats are cooperating with Washington and want to suppress and ignore millions of voters because they don’t want Trump to run again.”

In addition, the statement also ironed the prosecution, stating that “people are being killed on the sidewalks of New York at an unprecedented rate, and various drugs and crimes are flooding New York City at record levels, and they (The prosecutors) did not take any measures at all. All they care about is to bring down Trump.”