“Upper Queen” Deng Wendi:Rumored with Putin, Trump’s daughter Ivanka is her best friend

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An ordinary-looking, dark-skinned woman can be on the top of the world’s top ten super-rich wives in 2010, and topped the world’s top ten richest wives the following year. Single, and appeared in the fifth place. She has many suitors throughout her life, and all of them have extraordinary backgrounds. She has also been with the former Prime Minister of the United KingdomBlair</span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”1845571″>Blair There have been scandals, not only that even Putin has an scandal with her. She is a legendary woman Deng Wendi, an ordinary woman born in China, but has an extraordinary life. Her high-ranking legend was once on the Internet hot search list, which caused heated discussion in the society. Today, let us take a look at Deng Wendi’s extraordinary life.

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1. Who is Wendi Deng?

It is said that it is the easiest for women to rely on men to lead, and this sentence has been verified by Deng Wendi. An ordinary Chinese woman with no background has a An unbelievable and legendary experience, Throughout her life, she has not relied on the men behind all the time, and these men are extraordinary, but they still bowed for Wendi Deng and gave this woman rights. Status and wealth, even the President of the United States, are inextricably linked. Her circle of friends is very strong, with a wealth of network resources, and she seems to be a veteran who has already ranked among the upper world. Looking at her native family, you will find that he is an ordinary woman who can no longer be ordinary.

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Deng Wendi is an ordinary girl born in Shandong, China, although Born in Jinan, but grew up in Xuzhou, at that time, the new China was not long after the founding of There was a wave of reforms, and even naming children was patriotic. At that time, Jianguo, Patriotic, and Jianjun were the names of most children, and Wendi Deng was no exception. Her parents named her Deng Wen. grid. It may be because of a girl from Shandong. Deng Wendi was born tall and had the advantage of height. He caught up with the volleyball trend at that time. Deng Wendi joined the women’s volleyball team of Xuzhou No. 1 Middle School. He has been dealing with sports since he was a child and is on the team. Become the main player in China. Wendi Deng’s father was the director of a factory. In 1985, because of his father’s work, they cited The family moved to Guangzhou. At this time, Deng Wenge became Deng Wendi, and at the same time in Guangzhou She was admitted to the medical school and came to this place. In Guangzhou, which was relatively prosperous in China, she saw the development of many foreigners studying abroad, which made Deng Wendi during the university had the idea of ​​studying abroad, and this idea also changed Deng’s ordinary life. Because she was about to meet Jake Cherry, the first man in her life, at this time, Wendi Deng began her path to the upper ranks.

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Second, in order to get a US green card, be willing to do Mistress

When she meets the first man in her life who can help him gain wealth and status, she can see that Wendi Deng is a brainy woman who knows to use her own advantages Go for your own welfare.

At that time, Guangzhou belonged to the first batch of special economic zones in China’s reform and opening up. Because of the coast, foreign exchanges were much better than inland. And in his father’s machinery factory, there were foreigners, and Jake Cherry was One of them, this man is 31 years older than Wendi Deng and even older than Wendi Deng’s father. In the machinery factory, he is Wendi Deng’s teacher. Because Wendi Deng has a strong desire to go abroad, she hopes to find someone who can teach herself English. The teacher, therefore, the relationship between the two of them is a teacher-apprentice.

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At that time, this man already had a family, but because of his My wife missed her child and went back to the U.S. This happened to give Wendi Deng an excellent opportunity. Only 19-year-old Wendi Deng frequently appeared next to Cherry at that time and showed her desire to go to the U.S. He knows that this man has a family, but he is determined to stay with him, but we have to say that Wendi Deng’s methods are also very powerful. In order to be with Wendi Deng, this man successfully applied for a visa for Wendi Deng in 1988. Wendi Deng The matter with Cherry was not discovered by his wife, so after Wendi Deng came to the United States, she has been living in this man’s house. The kind wife also asked Wendi Deng and her five-year-old Daughter shared the same room, and also sponsored Wendi Deng to go to school. It was not until after she graduated from California State University that the affairs of these two people were exposed. .

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His wife often finds that his husband and Wendi Deng will be together Disappeared, so there was doubt on the two people, and Wendi Deng did not intend to hide it like this. She put the photos of the two people in the manOn the dressing table of the wife, she told the man’s wife, and then Wendi Deng was also kicked out, but she did not leave alone, she perfectly broke up a complete family , This man divorced his wife and married Wendi Deng as his wife. Although he had been a mistress for many years, it was undoubtedly a success for Wendi Deng to turn himself into the main room. At that time, Wendi Deng was only 22 Years old, just at the time of youth, how can it be possible to marriage with a man in his fifties for the rest of his life. A long-planned divorce kicked off. In order to get the green card, Wendi was 31 years older than himself. A man who is a year old gets married because there was a regulation in the United States at that time that a foreigner and an American must marry a marriage It takes two years to get the green card. Therefore, Wendi Deng divorced the old man after two years of marriage. After fulfilling his needs, he kicked the man who had helped him. I have to say that Wendi Deng is An ambitious woman.

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Three, not only rely on men, but also have oneself Ambition

After getting the green card, it is equivalent to getting the passport and stepping stone in the United States. If you think Wendi Deng is just a vase, then you are very wrong. Wendi Deng is a An ambitious woman, knowing what she wants, then she was admitted to Yale University and furthered herself. During college, she studied business administration. In order to earn tuition fees, she worked part-time in the United States, and there were even rumors about him. During the husband’s marriage, he hooked up with another boyfriend because this man had enough funds to go to school. After raising enough tuition, he separated from this man. These are not known, even if these are facts, it can only prove that Wendi Deng is a strategic woman, after all, a woman can make a man willing to spend money for her is also a skill. During her university years, Wendi Deng was successful in school. In order to get her degree certificate, she began to apply for an internship in Hong Kong, China. On the plane from the United States to Hong Kong for an interview, Wendi Deng met the CEO he interviewed, On the plane, Wendi Deng started to get close to each other, and had a good chat with him. He got an internship opportunity before going to the interview. The internship period in Hong Kong was also very smooth, but a small intern knew a lot. The executives of the department received a degree certificate from Yale College within a few months.

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Four. Start a life of counterattack


After receiving the certificate from Yale University, Wendi Deng began to return to Hong Kong to be qualified for senior management positions and became the only Chinese among Star TV8 executives. At the same time, she also began to meet the most important man in her life, Murdoch. Murdoch is an American media tycoon. Wendi Deng met this man during an executive meeting. The two were love at first sight, but Murdoch is a family member. If we go with Murdoch, Wendi Zheng She can only become a mistress, and she will have nothing for her hard work in Hong Kong. A woman who is wise enough begins to reject Murdoch’s request. Finally, due to the exposure of the relationship between the two, Wendi Deng became Murdoch’s public lover, and she agreed. Married to Wendi Deng. At the age of 30, Wendi Deng once again married 68-year-old Murdoch. After the marriage, Wendi Deng frozen his sperm and gave birth to two daughters for Murdoch, winning a huge inheritance. But the good times didn’t last long, and the marriage didn’t last long. Wendi Deng began to have an affair with British Prime Minister Black again. In 2013, the marriage officially came to an end.

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Although this marriage is over, this marriage has The tremendous wealth given to Wendi Deng is beyond our imagination. During this period, the contacts and relationships accumulated by Wendi Deng were beyond the reach of ordinary people in a lifetime. The upper circle she came into contact with included Li Bingbing, Liu Dongqiang and his Wives, all of them are rich tyrants and big names and other celebrities, with the help of Murdoch’s identity to broaden their own Moments of friends, and Trump’s daughter Ivanka became a good best friend, even Ivan Card’s husband was also found by Wendi Deng. And the days after her divorce were victorious, and she began to become the rumored girlfriend of major celebrities. Her emotional history is extremely rich. When she was young, she liked to find some old rich people. When she was older, she started to find Some young meats even reported that Putin had a scandal. The source of this scandal came from Deng Wendi’s appearance on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean Sea, and the owner of this yacht happened to be close friends with Putin. The close relationship is known as Putin’s right-hand man, so Putin and Wendi Deng are also suspected by people. After all, Wendi Deng’s methods are not comparable to ordinary people. Although she is now older, there are often rumors of being with a male model who is more than 20 years younger than her. It is not surprising to Wendi Deng that this woman has power, money, power, and splurge capital.

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Deng Wendi’s life is legendary, since Born in a small Chinese city, she is not petty at all. Instead, she has an extremely broad vision and mind. She has become the world’s top female billionaire. Although she used to destroy other people’s family status is a kind of wrong approach, we have to marvel at her. Her wisdom is also indispensable to her efforts. If she is beautiful, she cannot do it. After all, a degree certificate is not so easy to get. We can also see from Deng Wendi that a person must know what he wants. And you can get it after a lifetime of hard work. There is no such thing as a pie in the world. If you want to get anything, you have to work hard and sacrifice yourself. Wendi Deng is just such a person.

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