Watching robots “play e-sports”, how burning can it be?

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Chinanews client, Beijing, May 25th (Reporter Ren Siyu) Have you seen the robot version of the “e-sports game”?

Recently, hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and hosted by Beijing Institute of Technology and Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., the 20th National University Robot Competition RoboMaster 2021 Mecha Master College Series·Regional Competition (Northern Division) ) Held in Beijing.

In the 4-day schedule, 62 teams from Northeastern University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other universities sang their blood here, and each “hero” played is a robot designed and developed independently by students. . How burning is the “peak duel” between them?

Watching robots “play e-sports”, how burning can it be?

RoboMaster 2021 Mecha Master The college series and regional competition (Northern Division) scene. Photo by Ren Siyu by China News Service

Walking into the RoboMaster Super Rivalry arena, it is like being in a passionate sports event.

In a field the size of a basketball court, robots flexibly shuttled through the track full of organs, fighting with the enemy, the scene “bullet” flying horizontally, and a huge LED screen hung over the field, explaining The players are broadcasting the tense match.

The game adopts the strategy of pushing tower mode. The red and blue teams have different manipulating robots to shoot against each other, destroying the opponent’s main base and destroying the opponent’s vital forces. For 7 minutes in each round, the opponent’s base will be attacked first or the team with the highest remaining HP will win.

Following the referee’s order, the engineering robots of both sides rushed to the center of the field first to compete for randomly dropped “gold ore”. The gold ore can be exchanged for gold coins. The more ore you pick up, the more you can get The more projectiles and supplies there are.

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The ground attack system is Composed of infantry robots and hero robots, they can fire ordinary plastic projectiles and golf-shaped large projectiles respectively. Their primary task is to defeat the opponent’s outpost and break through the first line of defense of the opponent’s base.

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RoboMaster competes with robots The combination of e-sports presentation methods has added many e-sports elements to the event. Someone once described it as a robot version of “Glory of the King”:

In the arena, the outpost is like a game The “high tower” inside; the large rotating windmill is the energy mechanism. If the robot can hit accurately and successfully, it will get the “energy bonus”, which will greatly increase the attack power in a short time. When the infantry robot’s “health bar” runs out, it needs to be dragged by the engineering robot to the resurrection zone to resurrect.

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RoboMaster 2021 Mecha Master The college series and regional competition (Northern Division) scene. Photo by Ren Siyu by China News Service

In addition to the ground attack system, there are also sentry robots and aerial robots on site. One can conduct fully automatic defense and counterattack against enemies entering the base, and the other can provide high-angle fire suppression. This year’s competition system has also been upgraded, adding a radar system and a dart system that can provide global vision and ultra-long-range attacks.

The “blood moment” in the arena

In the 4-day Super Rivalry, 32 teams competed in group stage and knockout stage to compete for the place to advance to the national finals. This is not so much a fierce robot competition as it is a high-tech showdown between young engineers.

In the arena, robots are charging ahead; and in the operating rooms on the left and right sides, operators from major universities are remotely operating from the first perspective; at the same time, the team’s R&D representatives Standing on the sidelines watching the game, as soon as each game is over, they quickly rushed to the arena, seized the time to repair and debug the machine, and prepare for the next game.

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Just 7 minutes Here, the test is not only the performance and stability of the machine, but also the tacit understanding, collaboration ability and on-the-spot reaction ability of each team.

Because the protagonist of the competition is a robot, unexpected situations often occur in the arena. For example, some hero robots suddenly dropped due to a malfunction and were unable to move during the whole process; some engineering robots were suddenly unable to grab gold ore and could only watch the opponent transport back one resource after another; some infantry robots overturned when they swooped. , There are even engineering robots accidentally entangled in the rescue of infantry robots…

Although there are accidents, bloody moments often appear.

In order to win the game, each team used “black technology” in the development of robots. For example, some robots specialize in hiding in hidden places. With their precise shooting ability, a single soldier can lay down the opponent’s outpost; some engineering robots use force to push two “bloodless” infantry robots in one breath. Transport back to the live area.

The situation of the game is changing, and the situation will be reversed if you are not paying attention. Just as the audience saw an infantry robot deep into the enemy area and seemed to be surrounded by two robots, it tenaciously killed each other with one hit and two, and it ran back to the base camp with “residual blood” at high speed.

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Solo, collective Melee, chase and interception, long-range “sling”…In the game, there are not only domineering and tactical rounds, but also inspiring rounds against the wind, which often attracts a lot of cheers in the audience area.

On the day of RoboMaster 2021 Super Rivalry·Regional (Northern Division) finals, after fierce competition, the Dalian Jiaotong University team defeated the Northeastern University team 3:1 and won the championship in the northern division.

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Refining Field”

After successfully winning the Northern Regional Championship, the members of the Dalian Jiaotong University team hugged each other and wept with joy. “We are very excited, and it also means that our efforts over the past year have not been in vain.” said Ren Junkai, captain of the TOE team at Dalian Jiaotong University.

In just a few days of fierce fighting, behind every team member’s day and night preparation efforts. “Each team is actually the same. Starting from October when the rules are released each year, they have been preparing to the present, and then preparing for the national finals in August. It is almost a whole year of hard work.”

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The team members of Dalian Jiaotong University celebrate their championship. Photo courtesy of the organizer

In this test of “tactics + technology”, robots must not only have strong combat and shooting capabilities, but also have flexible actions and defensive capabilities to evade projectiles. . These cool performances involve the integration of knowledge from multiple disciplines such as machine vision, embedded system design, mechanical control, inertial navigation, and human-computer interaction.

In a sense, the Mecha Masters can also be said to be a “learning game.”

Ren Junkai introduced that in their nearly 30-person team, there are mechanical group, electronic control group, vision group, etc., “from mechanical structure to circuit, to embedded control, and machine vision. Only when the bottom layer to the top layer are interlocked, can the overall function of a robot be realized.”

Watching robots “play e-sports”, how burning can it be?(8)

Unmanned driving, AI Algorithms, electronic communications… seem to be a competition, in which the technology and creativity are also closely linked to the development trend of the future society. It is understood that the annual competition rules will be iteratively upgraded to promote the young engineers to further improve their technical strength.

“It is very worthwhile to be able to participate in such a competition during college.” said Ren Junkai, who is still in his junior year.

In the fierce duel, a period of backwardness came from Dalian Jiaotong University, Northeastern University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Taiyuan University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, North China University of Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Harbin Engineering University, 10 teams from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) successfully advanced. Next, they will continue to prepare for the RoboMaster2021 Super Contest·National Tournament to be held in Shenzhen at the end of August.

It is foreseeable that it will be a more intense “battle”. (End)