We live in a four-dimensional space, and ants are not two-dimensional animals.

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In a universe, what is called time seems to be invisible at all.

Many people are looking for space beyond the fourth dimension, time is around, talk about what it means. We just didn’t hold the password for it.

The universe is full of energy. If energy is a dimension, we are living in a four-dimensional space.

The reality of the world is not important, what matters is what the world looks like in our eyes.

Low-dimensional creatures can never observe higher dimensions. Is that because we are too small? I can’t see the high latitudes, otherwise what is the meaning of the Hubble Telescope?

It is the eyes of human beings to explore the unknown, a device for exploring the unknown of the universe.

Buddha says that the universe is a large storage hard disk, and everything of sentient beings is stored in this hard disk with time memory.

Idealism, is your mind that determines your situation:you don’t take everything, only karma with you.

Quantum Mechanics tries to use quantum theory to explain Buddhism. These problems also trouble some scientists. Their perspective It is more open and has a higher level of understanding of everything in the world.

Maybe we can find something that can help us understand the end of knowledge:they believe that the five-dimensional is a combination of different directions in time; quantum mechanics agrees with the real existence of parallel universes.

Bend the five-dimensional timeline to enter the six-dimensional, Two-dimensional flat space can be curved into Three-dimensional space, five-dimensional bending can also make crawling ant span> into six dimensions.

The seven-dimensional space is another infinite time line connected to form a one-dimensional line, resulting in a direction.

Eight-dimensional space is similar to The two-dimensional space becomes a plane, and the time lines of two eight-dimensional spaces overlap to become a nine-dimensional space.

Nine-dimensional space curls up again and becomes Ten-dimensional space, by analogy, High-dimensional space can be curled out. The high latitudes contain the low latitudes.

The high-dimensional space is filled with all the points in the low-dimensional space, and returns to one point, which in turn includes all the low-dimensional space-time.

In a sense, the universe explained by physicists is the same as the universe of Buddhism:one flower and one world, and one leaf and one bodhi.

The Buddha said:The Tathagata is everywhere, and they are all eighth Ah Made by Laiye Consciousness.

The principle of exploring more than four-dimensional space theoretically is like this? If it is possible, are there infinite dimensions?

Does a purely theoretical question make any sense?

It is speculated that you need to open your brain to truly understand the world! What is the practical significance of high dimensions? Is it a parallel universe?

Many people disagree and define time as the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is not time at all, they think energy is the fourth dimension.

Is the fourth dimension really not time? The time dimension is to facilitate the understanding of the mathematical concepts introduced by the problem.

But can you find a real two-dimensional creature? Ants are not two-dimensional creatures at all, just to facilitate the understanding of the fourth dimension.

So, some people think that time is not the fourth dimension.

Energy is the fourth dimension, and the fifth dimension is information transmission.

Actually, we even look at two-dimensional and zero-dimensional creatures not see.

The energy dimension is regarded as the fourth dimension, and the information dimension is regarded as the fifth dimension. Regarding the three-dimensional space as a single dimension, this is the five-dimensional space.

We can see five dimensions:three-dimensional space; energy dimension; information dimension.

This view believes that:theory of relativity has its shortcomings, and it is unreasonable to go back in time. Replace time with energy, and it can be solved perfectly.

As the fourth dimension, the energy dimension is different from time. The universe is full of invisible energies.

Things with different qualities coexist in the same universe, each being an inertial reference system, describing their respective state relations, and they can be distinguished only by energy.

Through the formula E=mv, kinetic energy has nothing to do with distance and time.

It is only related to the two relative states of speed and mass, which means that different things about energy are a relative normal state.

Speed ​​can describe time by distance, time is a ratio, t=s/v. It can be seen that time is only a ratio, while distance is real, and time is only a unit.

Energy has the principle of conservation, because the existence of gravity truly realizes space distortion It’s energy.

Time must be determined by three dimensions. Energy has the principle of conservation. Because of gravity, it is energy that truly realizes space distortion.

The information dimension recognizes the existence of parallel universes. The two quanta of quantum resonance are almost exactly the same. They can transmit the same information, and there is no apparent distance.

In this way, relatively speaking, time does not exist at all. There are many things that cannot be felt in the universe, and it is still there.

There is such a meaning in the I Ching:relatively speaking things in the universe account for most, and only a few rules remain unchanged.

Black hole looks like a two-dimensional, matter collapses in the black hole In fact, it is not visible. That is the place where light cannot escape, we have discovered its existence through energy.

Light also has energy. In three-dimensional space, the measurable speed is the projection of energy in the three-dimensional space, so the speed of light is difficult to surpass.

God particle is also a manifestation of energy. It is an energy field, and its average amount fills the universe. It is so small that it is indivisible, but it is all over the universe.

There is a kind of energy that closes the dimensional space, Parallel universes can be transmitted with only information.

Different dimensions, the enclosed energy is different, the answer lies in the black hole.