When learning is in progress丨Xi Jinping’s “Ask the Right”: The “Secrets” of Young People’s Growth

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When learning is in progress丨Xi Jinping’s “Ask the Right”: The “Secrets” of Young People’s Growth

[Learning in progress] Xi Jinping is very Attach importance to youth work and care about youth growth. Faced with the confusion and questions that young people encounter on the road of life, Xi Jinping is always good at inducing, passing on the experience of passing people, and giving intimate guidance. What kind of answers did Xi Jinping give to young people’s concerns? Xinhua News Agency’s “Learning Progress” original brand column “Workshop” sorts out for you.

Q: How to do a good job at the grassroots level?

A: There are four points to do well at the grassroots level. One is to have interest and enthusiasm. This is the foundation. After arriving in Zhengding, although he was busy and contradictions emerged one after another, I felt very fulfilled, and I was happy to struggle with all kinds of contradictions, and there were no difficulties that could not be overcome. This busyness has become the joy of life. The second is to have resilience and endurance, and be prepared for long-term hard work. The third is to have a little organizational ability, which is mainly developed by the day after tomorrow. The fourth is to have the enthusiasm to go out, not only spend a lot of time working every day, but also have the courage to be responsible, boldly innovate, and don’t fear losing office.

Q: How to open the work situation?

A: First of all, don’t express your opinions on general issues at will, but listen and read more. I would rather let people think you are a “stupid” for the time being. Even if you do a small thing, you must be careful and do one thing. After a few months, if you know it in your heart, the job will be easier, and people’s evaluation will naturally change.

Q: What can we do to transform from a student to a competent cadre of a basic-level government agency?

A: First, be patient. In an administrative agency, a person may do one job in one job all his life. The content of the job is tossed over and over, which is very boring, so you must have patience. I admire the cadres in these counties. Although they are not well-educated, they have to take care of the contracted land at home after work. They are very busy all year round and have not made earth-shattering achievements, but as long as they can get the leadership and the masses They can endure all the suffering and feel that their work is worth it. This group of cadres does not shrink from a post year after year, day after day, and does their job well. This kind of solid and down-to-earth quality is the basic endurance.

Secondly, be intuitive. It’s very difficult to do administrative work, especially if you are a leader. When you are in a meeting, you should be able to summarize and summarize immediately after everyone has spoken. This is not like discussing theories in a research room or building a model, etc., this is It is required that decisions must be made on the spot and in public. Faced with this situation, one needs to rely on one’s intuition. Although this kind of intuition is “innate”, it mainly depends on “acquired development.” Acquired learning is crucial to the development of administrative intuition.

Administrative cadres must first have a broad range of knowledge, and they must understand both the arts and sciences. They must not only understand history and literature, but also speak and write, which is what the common people say “the golden oil.”

Third, there must be administrative power. In a sense, reform is a revolution. If it is a revolution, there will be sacrifices. To be an administrative cadre, one must have the spirit of giving up. You have to bear certain risks in your work, especially for aspiring people who want to start a career. To achieve results, it is impossible to be peaceful, easy, and at your fingertips. You must have the adventurous spirit of making sacrifices, not afraid of hardships, and not afraid of making mistakes, and you must not hesitate when you should take the risk.

——In July 1984, Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Zhengding County Party Committee, went to the county government guesthouse to visit the teachers and students of Renmin University of China, such as Xu Nanxiong and Ren Jinfang, who came to participate in social practice. Let’s talk for about two hours.

Q: What kind of person should young people be?

A: A very important thing for young people is to learn to be principled, to have a kind of ethics, and to set some rules for themselves. Of course, these rules must conform to the socialist core value system. , Can’t do something for the sake of fame and fortune.

——In April 2007, on the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, the then Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Xi Jinping attended a symposium to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Youth League.

Q: How to lay a good foundation?

A: To lay the foundation, I think the knowledge needs to be expanded, and the university stage is a stage to continuously enrich one’s basic knowledge. Those who study work and science must also learn knowledge in the humanities and social sciences; those who study literature must also master some knowledge in the natural sciences, so that they can be familiar and comprehensive. We are in an era of continuous learning and eternal learning. Everyone has to learn for life, so we must seize this time to lay a solid foundation, otherwise we will soon sit and eat.

——In December 2010, Xi Jinping, then member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, and Vice President of the State, made a special trip to Chongqing Normal University to visit students during his inspection tour in Chongqing.

Q: What is the purpose of learning?

A: What is the purpose of learning? It is to give back the knowledge learned to the society, to be a useful person to the society, and to do something useful to the society. Science knows no borders, but scientists have a motherland and must have a patriotic heart. Every Chinese should ultimately do as much as possible for the country, the nation, and the people, including raising their own parents. Many great scientists in our country have such noble qualities. After you graduate, you must keep this in mind no matter where you go, no matter what position you are in, whether at home or abroad.

——In July 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited scientific researchers, teachers and students and had discussions.

Q: What is a good way to learn Marxism?

A: Through the down-to-earth and personal practice in the years at the grassroots level, through doing practical things for the people and benefiting the people, I deeply realize that Marxism can not only solve many practical problems scientifically, but is also a subject. It is true learning that takes the promotion of the people’s well-being and the creation of an ideal society as its own responsibility, and thus truly feels why Marxism has become the choice of Chinese history and the Chinese people, and thus strengthened the belief in life-long struggle for the cause of communism.

The leadership of the Communist Party is the choice of the people and history, and the socialist road is the road we must choose. This is the conclusion I later reached through my own understanding.

——On May 2, 2018, on the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Peking University for inspection.

Q: How should young people shoulder the important tasks of the times?

A: Contemporary Chinese youth are a generation that walks in the same direction and advances together with the new era. The vast number of young people should love the country and the people, inspire beliefs, gain inspiration, and draw strength from the study of party history, constantly strengthen the “four self-confidence”, and continuously enhance the ambition, backbone and confidence of being Chinese, and establish a permanent struggle for the motherland and the people, and sincere dedication The firm ideals. We must temper our morals, consciously establish and practice socialist core values, consciously use Chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture to cast our souls, inspire wisdom and moisturize our hearts, strengthen moral cultivation, distinguish right from wrong, strengthen self-determination, and resolve Pursue a more advanced, more realm, and more tasteful life. We must be brave to innovate, have a deep understanding of the trend of the times and the needs of the country, dare to be the first, dare to make breakthroughs, contribute to the country with ingenuity, and serve the society by pioneering and enterprising. To learn and work hard, down-to-earth, immersed in hard work, tirelessly, hunger and thirst, pursue excellence in climbing the peak of knowledge, act more than words when shouldering the important tasks of the times, and achieve a career in real work.

——On April 19, 2021, as the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University is approaching, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Tsinghua University. (According to Xinhua News Agency, “Xi Jinping and Friends of College Students”)

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