When sad, don’t find someone to chat with

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In this world, there is no real empathy.

Author:Insight Echo

In the past, all sentimentality had to be rendered earth-shattering.

Later, no matter how many ups and downs in life, I chose to remain silent.

At a certain age, I realized that:

In this world, no one can be trusted, only oneself.

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There is such a sentence online:

“Don’t complain to anyone, because 20%of people don’t care, and the remaining 80%will be very happy to hear it.”

The joys and sorrows in the world are not the same. Can’t understand you in your own place.

Those suffering in life can only be hidden in my heart.

In”Wonderful Talk“, Ma Weiwei She burst into tears when she recalled the difficult years of her depression.

Although Gao Xiaosong is comforting, he has a slight disapproval in his tone:

“You are nothing, we are much worse than you.”

Look. In this world, there are actually not so many empathy.

In this life, there are always countless such moments——

You toss and turn around in the middle of the night, looking for someone to chat lonely, only in exchange for the phrase”go to sleep”.
You burst into tears over the sadness and couldn’t help looking for someone.Talk to it, but you receive a”hypocritical””.
You have already set off a turbulent wave in your heart, and in the eyes of others, everything is light and light, as usual.

Perhaps, when everyone is born, they think that this world exists for him alone.

He only started to grow up when he found out that he was wrong.

As the years go by, you will eventually understand:

99%of what happens to yourself every day is meaningless to others.

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When you are sad, don’t always think about chatting with others.

Your difficulties cannot be solved for you by others.

Your emotions can’t be felt by others.

The suffering that can be said is useless, and the tiredness is my own experience.

Ji Xianlin said:

“On the road of life, everyone is a lonely traveler.

Stumbled and ups and downs, except for self-driving, no one else can help.”

Look forward to

span>If others give you relief, it is better to learn to help yourself and become strong.

The more you go back in life, you will gradually understand:Suffering is life Normality, sweetness is the flavor of life.

You said you are tired, but who has a good time?

The calm and breezy person may be behind a clenched soul .
The person who walks with wind may still have fall marks on his knees.
The person who laughed heartlessly may have survived some unknown sad years…

Growth is what A process of muting the crying.

Those adults who waded through the mud, as early as in the normal state of single-handedly, lived out the most powerful appearance.

As Maupassant said:

“Sometimes, I may be so fragile that I burst into tears with a word, and sometimes I find myself gritted teeth and walked a long way.”

If you are not brave, no one will be strong for you.

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Life itself, after all the difficulties, there are still all the difficulties.

When the smile becomes less and less, there will be more and more thoughts.

If you always hold sorrow so tightly, even if happiness is right in front of you, you won’t be able to hug you.

In the life under the mud and sand, only self-rescue can give oneself a good mood.

And you have to start to learn to be a calm adult.

When you encounter trivial things, don’t complain to others. Tell yourself that there is no past.

When encountering setbacks and difficulties, don’t cry with others and tell yourself that the future will be better.

After being injured, healed by himself, and after crying, he wiped away the tears by himself crying.

bad situation, smile, sleep, eat A hot meal, go out and exercise sweating profusely.

Tomorrow is a new day.

A person who lives forever, has the ability to embrace oneself, can survive the cold winter, and the world’s Embrace each other with warmth and affection.

Please believe that there are countless troubles, and it is sunny when you can bear it.

Please believe that there are many difficulties, and if you survive, you will win.

No matter how you treat us yesterday, live a good life now and put aside the bad emotions in your heart.

So, for the rest of my life, when I think back to the past, you and I can say one thing:

“Years do not forgive others, and I have never forgotten them.”

I really like Yang Jiang Words:

“We used to yearn for the waves of fate so much, we only discovered in the end, The most beautiful scenery in life is actually the inner calm and calmness.

We used to look forward to the recognition of the outside world so Finally, I know that the world is its own and has nothing to do with others.”

When you really understand life, you will learn Silent, facing the storms of life, my heart is already Not surprisingly.

Talking to others is a choice.

Reconciliation with yourself is a kind of practice.

May you not be trapped by emotions, and be strong for yourself.

May you survive all the hardships and be happy in the future.

No matter how hard you are at the moment, go forward bravely, everything has its best arrangements.