When the mentality is good, life will go smoothly

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I have read this passage:”Mood is not the whole life, but it can control the whole life.

Good mood, good everything, bad mood , Everything is messed up.

We often don’t lose to others, but our bad mood degrades our image, reduces our ability, and disturbs us And lost to myself.

Control the bad mood, and life will be peaceful.

A good attitude creates a good mood, and a good mood creates the best you.”

I think so.

The mentality is the basis for a person to settle down and settle down. There is a kind of life for the kind of mentality.

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1. Attitude is the source of emotions

In life, many people get angry because of a little thing, and they attribute this to a bad temper.

Is it true? not necessarily.

Everyone has a temper, some people can control it, some people do it arbitrarily.

The bottom line is that you are not well-trained and have a bad mentality.

I saw a piece of news on the Internet.

A couple quarreled in the high-speed service area because of a trivial matter.

The wife who couldn’t control her emotions cried and got into the car, planning to drive away.

This move angered her husband even more. He jumped directly onto the hood at the front of the car and stopped the car.

Fortunately, as soon as the woman started the vehicle, this scene was seen by high-speed law enforcement officers and was promptly dissuaded, so that the car did not drive out of the highway. Otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable.

Later, the couple thanked the traffic police after they reconciled, saying:The two often quarreled and formed a habit of disagreeable to each other. After calming down this time, I also felt very scared.

If the mentality is not good, emotions will prevail, and the double quotient will drop to the lowest point, making the situation develop in a bad direction.

Mentality determines Normal state, mentality Peaceful, emotions are naturally adjusted to silent mode.

Have heard a small story .

Master before going away, Give your beloved Orchid to Apprentice to take care of.

The apprentices are also very serious and responsible. They water the orchids regularly every day.

Unexpectedly, one day he had something to go out, and suddenly it rained heavily and knocked over the orchid on the window sill.

The apprentice is very anxious and wronged, and has been worried about being reprimanded by the master.

A few days later, when the master came back, he took the initiative to talk about orchids. Not only was the master not excited, but he smiled faintly and said,”I raise orchids. , Not to be angry.”

The apprentice admires him very much. A pot of orchids reflects Master’s atmosphere.

99%of the things in life have nothing to do with me, I care too much, just mediocre. So smart people live only that 1%, never be disturbed by the outside world, let alone hurt emotionally.

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2, mentality, decision Destiny

There is a saying in the Book of Changes:”The gentleman is independent and fearless, and escapes the world without boring.”

Meaning, the gentleman is in the world, even if it’s difficult Being recognized by others can also maintain inner balance.

Han Xin is a young man who learns the art of war, tirelessly day and night, and is determined to help the world.

One day, he was walking on the street with a sword and was killed by a local butcherProvocative.

The butcher scolded him for pretending to be a saber and asked him to stab himself with a sword, otherwise he would slip under his straddle.

Han Xin didn’t want to cause trouble to his upper body, so he stepped down and got in.

Others thought it was a shameful shame, but he didn’t care about it, and his mood was not affected at all.

If a person develops the normal state of not being flustered, he can make a correct judgment no matter what:he really can’t beat the butcher, so it’s better to bear it and not eat Right now.

Later, Han Xin defected to Liu Bang as big man

span>Chao Li went down to immortality for his meritorious service and was sealed by the cracking soil.

He once again invited the butcher who had provoked him, and gave him an official seal. The butcher was grateful, fighting on the battlefield, brave and loyal.

With a good attitude, people will have a tolerant heart, a big structure, not only a broad mind, but also bad things into good things, and enemies into friends.

If you have a good mentality, you will win. As a result, your life will become more spacious and bad luck will be farther away. If you have a bad mentality, you may lose everything, your life will always be difficult for you, and you will be controlled by others everywhere.

I have seen a section in”Happiness Comes Knock on the Door”. Chris was unkempt, his pants stained with lime, sitting in front of the interviewer embarrassed.

Although he performed well, his chief examiner did not plan to hire him and asked Chris:”If someone dresses sloppyly for an interview, I just hired him, what would you say?”

I thought Chris would blame the heavens and others, and use his sadness to gain sympathy, but never thought He replied easily and naturally:”Then his pants must be high-end.”

In a word, the examiner was amused haha. Laughing, I also won this job opportunity.

We cannot change the direction of things, but we can change our mentality. When our mentality becomes better, we are opening the door to luck. .

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3. Good mentality, everything is fine< /span>

It is said that life is not easy, but you have thought about it, have a good attitude, even if it is not easy, Will live to know enough.

The ancients had verses, which are viewed as ridges and peaks, with different distances and heights.

It is talking about different angles, different scenery, different positions, and different perceptions.

Similarly, the mentality is opposite and the ending is very different.

There is such a short story.

A mother-in-law has two daughters. The eldest daughter sells cloth shoes and the younger one sells umbrellas. Tianqing was worried that her little daughter’s umbrella would not be sold, and it was raining, and she worried that her elder daughter’s shoes would not be sold, so she was frowning every day.

Later, someone told her that if she wanted to sell her elder daughter’s shoes on a sunny day, and if she wanted her umbrella to sell well on a rainy day, she laughed all day. Haha.

The fact lies there. Whether it is pessimistic or optimistic depends on what kind of mentality you have. It can be said that one thought of heaven and hell.

Su Shi’s life was very bumpy, he was imprisoned once, was demoted many times, and his wife died and his father died.

It stands to reason that a poor official career and embarrassment in life will surely kill the will and make people feel sad.

But Su Shi was different.

Not only did he not have the slightest depression, he also turned his disappointment into enthusiasm, eating wherever he went, and living a lively life. The well-known”Dongpo Meat” is proof of Su Shi’s good mentality.

When Su Shi was demoted to Xuzhou, coincided with the Yellow River burst, so he personally led the city officials to fight the flood, not only defeated the flood, but also built the Su Dike the following year.

The people slaughtered pigs and sheep, carried the wine and brought the vegetables to the prefectural government to thank Su Shi, but Su Shi couldn’t give up, and he personally processed the meat before giving it back. People.

He also introduced a poem,”Slowly catch the fire, less water, it will be beautiful when the fire is full”

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Think openly, look lightly, and maintain a normal mind. Even if the suffering is endless, the heart is still open-minded and open, so you can turn your hands into clouds and cover your hands into rain.

In the end, a good attitude has made Su Shi’s generation of writers and writers magnanimous for life.

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A philosopher once said:”Your mentality is yours Master.”

For the rest of life, to live is a state of mind, a state of mind Okay, everything goes well. Whether it’s the life of a chicken feather or interpersonal intrigue, you can live out your own years and well.

Because happiness is a feeling, yes A mood.


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Human life is a one-way street, with ups and downs and A smooth journey is destined to be divided into sorrows and joys, but the destiny is fair, and if the mentality is right, there will be heavy mountains and rivers, and there will be no way out. Another village.